Where do start ups go for funding?

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I am a business loan consultant and people contact me on a daily basis wanting a loan for a business that does not meet our sales volume requirements.  Is there any place that I can refer them to? I do not like turning them down and would like to help them if I can.  Any advice is greatly appreciated. 


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    It is not just startups that require funding. Even huge companies need resources and hence needs fund. I dont have any links or references to as to where you can find sponsors but i think you should just ask them to search for sponsors somewhere instead of taking a loan from a bank.
    This way atleast they'll save on the interest rates over here!
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    Nichesation has at 50 different sources that provide grants and competitions for cash awards to fund start up businesses, I used it last year to find funding for my social project to clean up allies in my neighborhood.
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    Hello Psnyder, that is great you are a business loan consultant and you want to take care of your clients so much you seek sources that will be successful for in advising them. Good news, you can earn an income doing so too. There is a loan that fits your clients situation exactly, if they have even zero revenue, can be a yet to start up, startup, and they have an income of minimum $35,000 yearly, employed in at least the last six months, can provide recent pay stubs, or if business is doing $35,000, recent tax returns, and or deposits for last 6 months, minimum credit score is just 660. Credit utilization needs to be at or bellow %45, a loan can be attained to pay down to such credit utilization in order to qualify. There are no upfront fees, and fees and repayment of pay down can come out of financing attained. This is an unsecured business bundle of high limit credit cards and can also be personal credit cards combined. I am not sure of the rules here in this community, but if you can contact me, or I can contact you, I will connect you and you will be able to make money providing this and other financings. Rates are from %9-%25 usually %12, zero interest for up to 24 months, cash available, revolving, used for any purpose, can attain 3-5 times greater limits with this source rather than them doing so elsewhere or on their own. Fees only for success. Reports only on business credit reports for most business credit cards, some on personal credit which I would avoid, requires a personal guarantee. Can use credit partners to increase loan amounts, or solely. Loans are $10K -%300K. Builds business credit, stepping stone for future financing. Try to contact me if you can. 
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    There are some of great funding companies who allow fundings to possible startups.

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    I cannot link right now or else i would have shared the link of that website that has the name of all the funding companies name in it.
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    There are several different ways through which a start-up can gather funding. Some of them include:
    1. Crowd-funding: Crowd-funding is one of the most popular options when it comes to financing any particular start-up. All an entrepreneur has to do is put forth his/her potential business plan on the crowd-funding platform. Over there, investors can see the future goals of the company, strategies, etc., and if they see a potential for profit, they can decide to fund the start-up
    2.Funding by venture capitals: Venture capitals are professionally managed funds that are directed at companies with high potentials. In a way, venture capitalists act as mentors to young entrepreneurs and provide technical as well as managerial skill, apart from providing financial support
    3) Business loans: In the case of small-scale start-ups that do not require massive fundings, an entrepreneur can avail a business loan. This business loan is in the form of an unsecured personal loan that an entrepreneur with limited resources can take without having to mortgage any collateral against it. There are several banks as well as other financial institutes that provide such business loans for budding entrepreneurs.
    4) Government programmes:  Government all across the world have funding programmes for emerging start-ups within the region. This is especially true for developing nations like India, China, Africa, etc. For instance, in India, the Pradhan Mantri Micro Units Development and Refinance Agency Limited (MUDRA) plans to benefit a total of 200 SMEs within the next five years. Such programmes are great opportunities for start-ups to source funding and improve their existing infrastructure.
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    @Mohit Chauhan so for crowdfunding, we have to put our whole business plan on it? 
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    A multitude of factors is responsible for making it successful. Early stage investors and experienced founders can lead a business towards success, and reduce operational risks by proper planning of the project.
    Look towards government grants as well. One of the most unbelievable trends of the last few decades has been the decreasing cost to start a business. It is particularly true for technology businesses, but I think it applies to many other industries as well.

    I'm qualified Software Engineer and Marketer Performing my responsibilities with due professional care and competence. Recently I am working on projects for On Demand industry like ODTap and Cabstartup
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    i am also looking for answer of the same question

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    I have used crunch base for reaching out to investor for my business they have huge data base.

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