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Raju ChoudharyRaju Choudhary Posts: 1subscriber Member
Dear Team

i want to sell video classes on 3rd party commission basis at my website caknowledge.com on subdomain, how can i setup a e-commerce store on my site and how can i get a payment gateway, i am from india and also tell me what is charges for payment get ways. please guide me as soon possible....


  • tuahbaotuahbao Posts: 37subscriber Bronze Level Member
    I recommend you to install shopping cart to your website, you can use paid shopping cart or use open source CMS like Joomla and Drupal (with shopping cart plugins or modules). Alternatively, if you only have a few items to sell, then you can create "BUY NOW" button from PAYPAL (example). There are a lot of payment gateways around the world, such as Paypal, WorldPay, Amazon Pay, Sage pay..etc. Go to these websites and check both of the flat rate (%) and flat amount ($) charge. It varies depends on each country.
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    This is quite good idea, I wish you good lucK!
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