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TrikTrik subscriber Posts: 2 Member

I am a business owner for 10 years. Hello. I don't know where to put this sorry, if this is a bad place.

I started hiring people 3 years ago. People last for half year aprox with 3 months of training. Now i lost another employee.

I know i pay too little. I run a small business. To get bigger clients and pay more i need to have a team. But everytime i get there someone leaves. 

It is exhausting. Emotionally. Fighting every day to pay the bills and provide sallary for employees. 

Feel so lost, just crying inside. Maybe its not for me. Maybe i do something wrong. Cant get through. Market is so hard. People do work not paying taxes insurance win clients.

No one cares about quality and than disspoints on all service providers on the market.

No idea what to do. Close and loose 10 years? Fight longer? Dont want to go deeper into debt. 

Sorry to whine but i don't know what to do, where to ask. I feel like being in a point with no good decision to make. Stuck. 

Thanks for reading this. I had to write it down. I don't know even what question to ask. Maybe i hope someone had such situation and be able to give some advice or what you did in this point. Any feedback appreciated. Thanks.


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    Ryan O'BlenessRyan O'Bleness administrator Posts: 1,137 Site Admin
    Hello, @Trik. Welcome to the community! 

    I think first of all, you need to build a culture of teamwork at your business. Emphasize clear, transparent communication, make your mission clear and let your employees know that they mean more to you than just, well, being an employee. Give feedback, both positive and negative when needed. 

    Sure, you may not be able to offer the lucrative salaries as big companies, but you must understand that employee compensation is a big factor in employee's morale, and contributes directly to turnover. So think of what you can offer them instead: 

    • Equity in the company 
    • Flexible work hours/ability to work form home
    • Extra paid vacation days 
    • Fun company outings 
    • Great benefits such as health care and dental care 
    • 401K match 
    • Gym memberships 
    Don't give up just yet. Figure out what you can do for your employees to show you care (within your means), change the culture and make your business a place where employees WANT to be. 

    I know this isn't always easy to execute, but it is possible. I hope this helps! 

    Ryan O'Bleness
    Community Manager
    StartupNation, LLC
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    TrikTrik subscriber Posts: 2 Member
    @"Ryan O'Bleness" Thank you
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