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Gain More Confidence And Run Your Business More Effectively By Getting In Shape

Andre BrownAndre Brown subscriber Posts: 55 Bronze Level Member

Hello everyone happy Wednesday and I hope you're having a good week so far. Today's topic is about how you can build more confidence by getting in shape. There are lot of benefits that come with getting fit and healthy. First off your self-belief will increase which will have a positive effect on the decisions you make. You will believe in your abilities in order to operate your business more effectively.

The confidence boost you get from exercising can be translated into your business affairs. This can lead you to truly trust your intuition in making difficult decisions that can move your business forward. To ensure you see the best results here are a few things to remember. Getting in shape is a long-term investment. You won't see results right way it takes time to notice physical changes.

The first results you will start to see are strength and endurance based. If you are strength training you may be able to increase your Bench Press by 5lbs in a matter of a week or increase your jogging distance by a 1/2 mile. However losing weight and building muscle take a bit longer. In a few weeks you can see a slight change when it comes to weight loss. With building muscle it take your body months to see a complete transformation.

You see, transforming your body is a slow process and the same thing goes for gaining more confidence. It's best to make small changes each day to improve yourself instead of trying to make giant leaps. This will enable you to track your progress so you can see what's working or what you need to adjust. For boosting your confidence try to talk to at least one new person each day. You'll be nervous at first but as you keep doing it you will become more comfortable approaching other people.

You can apply this all around the board to positively change different areas of your life. Consistency is very important here. You can't get better at something if you don't do it everyday. Make it your duty to work on at least one thing each day to get better at it. It only takes a few minutes of your time and you'll thank yourself later.

To ensure lasting success have a reason for what you're trying to achieve. By having a why, you will be able to push through the hard times when there are little changes. The thing is when you try something new you have a bunch of motivation and you are excited about succeeding. Then after a while your motivation wanes and you want to give up. To ensure this doesn't happen always remember the big reason why you want to accomplish something.

Instead of saying "I want to lose 10 pounds or I want to make more money, change it up by saying I want to look awesome so I can fit into that slim fitting suit by losing 10 lbs. For making more money it would be " I want to make sure my family is well taken care of by making more money. This type of thinking will keep you on track with the added benefit of looking towards a positive outcome. If you're scared about making a new change I suggest you do it anyway. Procrastination is the enemy to taking action.

Doing nothing will not help you out at all and it wastes time by not being productive. I used to be a perfect example of this. When I was younger I wanted to get stronger in the gym. I would read countless magazines as well as articles on the internet. Despite all this I knew I had to start exercising if I wanted to see results.

I would play so many scenarios in my head about what would happen if I worked out. My thoughts would consist of what if I get hurt or I'm scrawny and the big guys would make fun of me. It took me years to snap out of this thought pattern completely. One day I finally had enough once I realized I was still in the same spot as I was years ago.

That's when I decided to make a change no matter what happened. You can start now by taking control of what you want in life. Exercise to get in shape starting today even if it's a 5 minute walk and work from there.

Trust me your future yourself will thank you. This is a good quote to remember "You gain strength, confidence, and courage with every new endeavor you take on. You are able to say to yourself this is something new but I shall succeed."

 I hope you enjoyed this article that you can start using as early as today. You can always refer to this article if you need a refresher. Let me know how this article has impacted you and leave a comment below. Feel free to join my community(The Jawann Fitness Exercise & Health Community on Facebook) if you want even more tips and also checkout my page on Facebook Jawann Fitness for motivational posts, articles and videos.

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