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Need advice on finding great sales talent

I’m looking to hire for a few positions and although I know I could go onto a job site, pay a modest fee, and fill my next few weeks with interviews and then my office with warm bodies, I’ve been there before and I know I need more than just someone who needs a job. My company has a very strong culture (not for everyone) and we take a different approach to our careers that really focuses on building a more satisfying life instead of just getting a paycheck.

I am passionate about coaching ambitious people to help them build their own personal brand and achieve success. I’ve got over 25 years of experience, done lots of CEO coaching and have been generally successful before, so the regular coaching I hope to give is a very real benefit. Now, the positions I’m filling are all entry level and so I’m looking to hire some younger pros. Attitude is definitely more important than aptitude here.

According to every millennial survey I’ve ever seen, the positions I’m offering are exactly what many millennials are looking for. However, I’ve had trouble in the past (less than a year ago) attracting the right talent.

So now, I’m looking for some advice on how to reach the RIGHT young pros for an offer like this.

Here’s what I’ve done/started doing so far:
* Created a youtube channel (it's called The Next American Dream) to hopefully get a following to draw from and to spread my message in general
* Will be promoting my videos on Facebook along with a Facebook page
* Reached out to several local stores that I suspect will attract the right-minded people and hope to have flyers for people to take

My main assets are the videos, a very cool physical flyer, my site (tnad.us) and a free downloadable pdf on the site used to collect emails
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