Need very early advice with a new business

Mike1Mike1 Posts: 1subscriber Member
I'm looking into creating a new tech oriented business. I have two ideas that I think are very good. The only problem is that I do not know if either are legal or what hurdles I will face. I need to consult with someone but am not sure where to go. Does anyone have any advice? I'm guessing an attorney, but I'm not sure what kind. Most attorneys I researched at this stage were focused on IP, but I think I'm looking for someone who can help with IP and a high level legal issue answer.


  • PZagottiPZagotti Houston, TXPosts: 22subscriber Bronze Level Member

    Hi Mike,

    Attorneys are like doctors in that they specialize in various subjects.  A business attorney is generally not going to also do criminal law.  IP is a specialty and the patent bar requires a different test that only lawyers with an math or science background can take in some instances even non attorneys with a science background can sit for the patent bar.  So you might need to find your answers from two different attorneys. 

    Phillip Zagotti
    Zagotti & Burdette CPA, LLC
  • ShikiShiki USAPosts: 14subscriber Bronze Level Member
    If you are planning to create a new tech-oriented business and not sure if it's legal- you can try to talk with people from this area. I doubt, that your ideas do not have some common with already existing businesses.
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    Most of people normally hesitate before they start of a company or doing any business. I think you should not be worried about failure, if you face it then you can have some experience at least. Moreover, you can find some experts who could help you in Company Registration. Once you legally register you company, the next step is to execute your plan that how you will earn money and where you will get orders etc etc. Yeah starting a business is a tough job but once everything start proceeding smoothly then one only has to wait for dollars to come.
  • MikeloMikelo Chicago Posts: 2subscriber Member
    As it was said, you have to ask two different attorneys. Of course, it would be perfect if you could find already existing business that are similar to you desired. In this case you could learn more about aspects of setting business in IT field. However, I don't think that anyone would welcome a competitor and tell him secrets)      
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