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Hi All,

In 2017 I recognized a need for a speciality product to solve a common problem strength athletes face when training. Throughout the year I took the idea from a scribble on a piece of scrap paper to a fully functioning prototype with product logo. This prototype was thrown onto our equipment at the gym and I have let it be used organically by anyone who comes across it. Most of the interactions with the product have been positive and i have steadily been getting more and more inquiries about how they can buy one. I am in a unique position where I could viably make a niche brand out of this initial product. I have been looking for a proper manufacturer and have fallen short on multiple attempts. While my quest to find a manufacturer has not been as successful as I had hoped, each interaction has taught me something new about the process of building a product and the realities of the costs associated with doing so. I have looked at websites such as ThomasNet and signed up for MakersRow

My problem:
I have limited knowledge and no real local mentors to help guide me in the right direction when it comes to finding a suitable manufacturer here in the US (I am open to international options but from what I have gathered is that international manufacturers generally have large minimums) The ones domestically that I have dealt with have had very poor customer services, shoddy craftsmanship, never responded to my calls, or were just out of the price point to be profitable.

What I am looking for:
Help and information. If anyone knows of a resource, list, type of service, or specific manufacturer it would be great to be guided in the right direction so I do not keep spinning my wheels. The internet is a great resource so I am hoping this post can help utilize what it was truly intended for, information.

Materials I am dealing with:
Plastic buckles
hook and loop
rubberized coated fabrics

I need a manufacturer who can source these materials, cut and sew them together and screen print the logo onto the product.

Thanks for the help!


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    Hello, @BB. Welcome to the community! 

    It sounds like you have a potentially great product on hand and have been thorough with your due diligence about starting up. 

    Unfortunately, I cannot recommend any specific manufacturers, as I have not had any personal dealings in this particular space. However, can you give a little more insight into what the product actually does for athletes? Maybe that way others will be able to help, or I can help you find a resource. 
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    3DXTremes is solid. I interviewed their founder, Blade Taylor a few months ago. They work nationwide.
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