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Inventor needs Investor (High Risk !?)

M3G4M1NDM3G4M1ND subscriber Posts: 1 Member
Hello Everybody,

my Name is Heiko .

I'am 34 Years old autistic Inventor from Berlin City in Germany .

I just looking for a Investor wich give me the Opportunity to make some of my Inventions possible .

My Inventions are technical Apparatus like ;

-Vaccum Pump Systems
-Laser Resonators
-A new Kind of X-Ray Tubes
-Plasma Speakers
-Plasma Propulsion

and many more .

But here is a ugly Fact :smile:

I'am really poor and i have no reputation .

But i need just some Tools like professional Drills, a Saw, a 3D Printer and also the required Materials like Copper Wire, Magnetic Ventings, High Pressure Parts and many more to make impossible Things just possible .

I like to perform a Rapid Prototyping Process and getting Patent Rights for my (until now unprotected) Inventions .

If you know a Way to find some serious Investors or if you're Intrest to be Part of Future and hold some percent of the Patent Rights - feel free to contact me to get more Informations about the subject area .

Friendly Regards,



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