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Running a FB Ads campaign: Testing

BoaBoa subscriber Posts: 2 Member
Hi everyone!

I am new here and I am really happy I found this community. I am a founder of a start up that is very, very recent - but I think we finally got to a point where we can expand a little bit more and kick in with the social media marketing. Particularly, it's about that time we run a Facebook ads campaign. Especially since we are a business that provides services online, I think it is more than essential.

However, budget is really, really tight and I can not really afford someone to handle this right now, and since it is just the beginning, and we are still getting a sense of things/testing them. I do have some knowledge in this, but I also have some questions. I was hoping that maybe some of you here have the experience to discuss this and give me some answers, as they would be greatly appreciated.

As I mentioned, we are at the very beginning and we want to test the waters with the FB Ads.

Our budget for this is 1000$, and it is for targeting three audiences from three different countries.
From what I've read so far, ideally most experiences say that you should run a test campaign for about a week. What are your thoughts on this?

Our goal is to attract more cold traffic/get more likes on our FB page so we can start engaging people in what we do. So, basically, we would feel like we succeeded with the test if the results of this goal come in more likes as a metric that matters. Overall, I have three questions in regards to this:

1. Is it better to run a FB ads campaign for each audience separately? For example this week we run for country A, and next week for country B, then next week for country C?

2. What is the best type of content to promote to attract cold traffic? As far as that the content should be original, that one I know, but should I go for a regular add that promotes the business/website (ex. "Plants" is a company for organic food type of add), or should I go for promoting a particular article, video etc? Which one would you recommend going for?

3. How much should I spend per day? I know that Facebook already generates this on its own once you set up the budget and the ad you want to run, but I'd still like to hear your experiences.


Sorry for the long post, but I could really, really use some help. Thank you in advance and I am looking forward to hear your thoughts.

Much, much love,

Boa <3


  • Ryan O'BlenessRyan O'Bleness administrator Posts: 1,137 Site Admin
    Welcome to the community @Boa

    I like the idea of a week-long test campaign, but I would not recommend wasting time and money for three separate test campaigns -- once you're ready to run the actual campaigns, then segment into three audiences. 

    As far as content, videos and photos do much better than written posts, but I think you would want to run at least one campaign to the FB page itself to gain more likes and at least one to the website to move traffic there. 

    As far as budget -- I don't want to lead you in one direction or another because it really varies. I would recommend maybe starting small, but at the end of the day it's your decision.  
    Ryan O'Bleness
    Community Manager
    StartupNation, LLC
  • Cara O'BlenessCara O'Bleness administrator Posts: 68 Site Admin
    Hi, @Boa!

    Can I ask what your startup is? Having some context as to what sector your business is in might help in providing feedback. 

    Generally speaking, I'd say that if your goal is to get more traffic/likes to your Facebook page specifically, creating an ad to your page with a short, snappy line of copy and a striking image will be your best bet. Since you want people to "like" your page via the ad, make sure your Facebook page is complete with as much information as possible. Link to your other social sites, your website, make sure your contact information fields are filled out, including address, phone number and email address. 

    Cara O'Bleness
    Content Director
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