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Hello fellow entrepreneurs,In an effort to bring more awareness and contribute a bit of industry-specific knowledge to the business world, I`ve started a "blog" where I`ll be posting articles and tips about marketing and corporate design in business.Today`s article:Are You Reading Me? The Effective Email NewsletterAs plain a concept as it is, simply keeping in touch can be a tricky
feat. Every modern business has at least a basic understanding of the
potential impact of electronic communication, but how effectively do
they use it? This article outlines a few of the foundational
elements of building a successful email newsletter campaign...Please have a look through and let me know what you think. I`m publicizing the articles on digg, mybloglog and delicious, and of course here as well if permitted - any advice for improving the initiative itself or its exposure is warmly welcomed.Thanks,Chaniesagemedia2006-12-1 17:19:19


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    Eli,Thank you for the feedback... I`ve removed the div title tags which should clear up the hover messages - you`re right it was annoying. I`m surprised I never noticed it before.Also put a link in the menu bar going back to the blog section. It does make sense to have it going both ways. I know I have to work more calls to action into the main site as well, but haven`t decided exactly how best to integrate them without disturbing the overall design.Thanks!
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