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FedericoFederico subscriber Posts: 1 Member
Well, hello my dear people! This forum seems to be full of resources and experienced people!

My name is Federico and I am in the process of starting a business (on my own, so far), one that I think can be greatly scalable and also work on a small scale; it has got to do with a platform for chefs to contact clients in the private sector and be able to expand their network and such.

Now, I have a talk with the "pre-incubator" of my university here in Germany next week to present my idea to them and see how we can work together, or what they have got to offer, however, it really is the first time I'm "pitching" this idea to anyone and, well, my first business idea I will implement! (that's where the inspiring and the euphoric come in!).

The main part lies therein, that I have got little numbers, as I have little experience with them! I have accounted that I will have to be paying for the website side (buying a WordPress theme and likely paying a developer to twitch it to our needs, as I think a drag and drop will break after a few hundred users come in) and the advertisement, which I aim to keep under 1k monthly (but I don't know how to narrow this number down more as I have little to no experience with social media advertising); from there on I can't think of any other expenses...

Has anyone got any idea on how to narrow my numbers down more exactly? I'm in uni right now, but I am likely to put all of my time to this, if I am being honest, this is what I want to do, businesses, and I want to do them hard.

Thanks, double thanks if you read it all and triple thanks if you can help!

tl;dr: I need help figuring out how to define my startup costs better to present my idea.

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