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As a middleman, how to keep Wholesalers/Manufacturers identity far from my customers.

EntreSucessEntreSucess Posts: 2subscriber Member
Hi Entrepreneur community,

I am starting my business as a Import/Export Middleman and have a basic question (Apologies if it was already asked).

I would like to ship my products straight from the wholesalers to my buyers (to avoid double shipping cost) but at the same time, I don't want my buyers to locate my wholesalers and start buying straight from them.

Is there a way to avoid that?

I appreciate any and all answers.

Best regards,


  • Debvie MedinaDebvie Medina Posts: 10subscriber Member
    Hello there! Do not share who your contacts are to your customers and always give them a good deal so they will stick to your services. I'm hoping this will help. God bless.
  • EntreSucessEntreSucess Posts: 2subscriber Member
    Thank you very much Debbie for answering my question.

    My concern is when shipping product from wholesaler directly to my buyer, it will have the contact info of my wholesaler.

    Is there a way to avoid that without shipping product to me and from me to the buyer?

    Thank you,
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