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QuickBooks or Microsoft Office Accounting?

ccttuccttu subscriber Posts: 1
I searched for this answer, but was unsuccessful in finding anything that answered my general question...
What does everyone recommend for a new e-commerce start-up that has no past records, wants to be able to download/reconcile from their financial institution, create invoices, etc. (basic functionality)?  Microsoft Office Accounting or QuickBooks?  QuickBooks Pro or Premier?  2008 or 2009?  MS Accounting 2008 or 2009?
Thanks in advance for the advice.


  • Melanie2009Melanie2009 subscriber Posts: 0
    I was wondering about QuickBooks too, but Microsoft`s products are
    always just awful.  Their bloated code and memory leaks just make them
    sooo slow.   

    I have heard good things about Peachtree but it looks like it`s a more complex system for bigger businesses than mine.
    Melanie20092009-1-23 11:17:22
  • MCrosbyMCrosby subscriber Posts: 0
    As a CPA, I only use QuickBooks because my client`s purchase it before they get to me.  QuickBooks is easy for day-to-day bookkeeping, but I have found that if a professional has not set it up correctly before it is used, the entire company file is a mess.
    For that reason, I do not recommend the software to clients unless they agree to allow me to set it up, they let me set the admin password, and let me create user ID`s for them with permissions that only allow the to perform functions that I both they and I are comfortable with.
  • homeandlhomeandl subscriber Posts: 0
    From my own experiance with both, you can never go wrong with quickbooks pro 2008, its designed with everything in mind starting from creating invoices and reports also has the most options when you need to buy quickbooks checks  and think about it this way, so many people are using quickbooks with so many help fourms out there, how many cpa`s have knowladge in microsoft money? but they alldo in quickbooks
  • geethugeethu subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi there...
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    This might help u.
  • couponclockcouponclock subscriber Posts: 0
    Always use the same software your accountant is using - or potential accountant.  That often means Quickbooks.   You can move data back and forth to an accountant very easily with Quickbooks. 
  • ee99eeee99ee subscriber Posts: 8
    Microsoft Office Accounting is an awful accounting system. QuickBooks all the way; or Peachtree. Depends on your background and business.

    Microsoft Office Accounting is also no longer supported by Microsoft. They dropped it late last year as a product.

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