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www.4seasonspmllc.com needs help please

4seasonsllc4seasonsllc subscriber Posts: 2
edited December 2008 in Website Critique
Hi, let me just start with introducing myself. My name is Justin and I own a Landscaping Company. Recently I have started a new business handling foreclosures for banks, cleanouts, evictions, etc. I started a website to help market this business. I used vista print to help me design a very basic website that I know is lacking to say the least. And when I google it I can`t find it. I know I`m supposed to be specific about what I`m asking for but I.m really not sure what I`m in need of.  Any help, comments, suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much. 4 Seasons Property Management LLC our web url is www.4seasonspmllc.com


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    JmesJmes subscriber Posts: 4
    Hi Justin
    Welcome to the forum
    While visiting your site for the first time I have a few questions and suggestions
    1. Your home page is short and to the point, while this looks very professional it`s less eye-catching. you should consider your target audience, if this look appeals more to them then keep it, if not you should consider about adding some eye candy
    2. The text on the main page goes "..will be foreclosed in the next 13 months" you should give a date in the end of that. something like "..will be foreclosed in the next 13 months, (stated on this-and-that journal, 11/11/08)" or something a bit more creative than that
    3. In the contact section you don`t give out your email, you should add that option, what have you got to lose?
    4. On the main page, the buttons on top don`t really look like buttons.. just text... I`d think of a button.jpg to put there
    5. I`d put a menu on to left side, something like the one on the top of the pages
    6. I`d give an example or some quotes to make the user feel you`re an existing business with vast experience
    7. About search engine appearance .. I`d check around for that, there are many things you can do to be placed in Google even in the first pages.. I haven`t researched your market but I think you should spent a few hours on learning what are your options, both free and non-free services, tools and companies.
    One method I usually recommend, one that is fast and easy, is creating personal online profiles for you and your staff. Services which specialize in getting yours and your staff`s personal pages on google, and linking back to your company. There are several out there, though the one I recommend is www.lookuppage.com
    Hope I helped, and wish you the best of luck
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    JmesJmes subscriber Posts: 4
    Forgot to add, if you have any further questions or just want to contact me, feel free to email
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    vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
    Hmm... google 4 Seasons Property Management and there is such a site with that name - but it`s not yours. the domain is almost identical (with out the "llc" at the end).  Unless you are that other company... you might want to get a different domain name? One that uses one or more of your targeted ketwords...related to your services. As for SEO... the vista print produced site is not the best. Plus it seems like your targeted keywords are "4 seasons property management". ~Roland
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    4seasonsllc4seasonsllc subscriber Posts: 2
    Okay, thank you for your feedback, its helped a lot. The name of the business is now 4 Seasons Preservation Maintenance LLC. It better describes my industry and what exactly I do. And best of all I can still use the same url. All the initials are the same. Also I have made some updates to the website and it looks much better. Thank you, Justin
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    vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
    To follow up on Caricc`s post.........
    There is no need to have those images link to an image or larger image. I`d suggest eliminating the links.
    You should add alt image tags to every image on your site. Those tags should be relevant to the image and your targeted keywords.
    Re: SEO - While having the company name in the title of each page is ok... there is not a lot of search engine benefit.... unless you expect people to do a search for your company name.
    Also since you serve a geographic area, you would benefit from including that in your page title and other SEO tags (it is in your page description).
    It would be good to add some h1 h2 tags with keywords in the content of each of your pages.
    To me it seems the most important page for search results is your "services" page. My guess is those are the search terms people may use to find some one that provides services like yours. So, I would certainly use h1 or h2 tags for the title of each service and you might think about adding a list of those services on your home page... maybe with links to you services page or at least h1 or h2 tags.
    Ultimately, you`ll realize better search results is you have a separate page for each service with a link to each using the service`s keyword and the title of each service age using the same keywords.
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