Anyone ever do consumer electronic prototyping?

fit4lyffit4lyf subscriber Posts: 1
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I am new to the forum.  I would like to find a company that can help create and design a finished prototype for a new spin on consumer electronics.  It is basically using already existing technology (cd player, tuner, speakers, inputs, etc) but in a totally new form.  Having trouble findoing someone that can help with a finished prototype.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!


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    how much are you willing to pay for a finished prototype. you can probably do a lot of the work yourself, make 3d models on a computer, artistic sketches. consumer electronic prototyping is not cheap. you`ll probably need an industrial designer, mechanical designer, and possibly and electrical engineer or technician. i`ve done this type of prototyping before and even taking existing technology and putting it in a new form is not `easy`. good luck though.
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