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How To Begin A New Workout Routine As An Entrepreneur In 4 Easy Steps

Andre BrownAndre Brown subscriber Posts: 55 Bronze Level Member

Happy Wednesday everyone, I hope you are having a great week so far. I been asked to write this article by a few friends who want to begin a workout routine. They are business owners with their own hectic schedules and don't have a lot of free time. I understand that a lot of you are running your own businesses with limited time on your hands as well. I wrote this article for my friends and I would like to share it with you in order to help you begin a new workout routine.

You can exercise no matter how little time you have, I will show you a way to do this. The most important thing is to make sure you have a goal in mind that you are trying to accomplish. You want to envision what your ideal physique will look like in order to take the steps needed to achieve it. Whether you want to lose 10 pounds or put on 15 pounds of solid muscle there are different routines that need to be used to accomplish these goals.

You will also save yourself a lot of time by choosing the right exercises to ensure you will see results. When you first begin your new routine start off light in order to get used to the new exercises you will be doing. Leave your ego at the door and don't try to lift heavy.

This can lead to injury if you aren't careful which can sideline you for weeks or months. It's best to take your time getting your form correct so you can see the benefits of the exercise you are doing. Once you are comfortable lifting the weight with proper form proceed to increasing the reps or weight.

You will eventually be able to lift heavy weights but it takes slow and steady progress in order to get there. To ensure you are moving forward get a journal or app on your phone like Evernote to track your workouts. By tracking your workouts you will know how many sets, reps, and rest time you have for each exercise. It will hold you accountable for what you have to do every time you step foot in the gym. You will have a plan of attack for what you have to do instead of wandering around aimlessly guessing what weight to lift.

You will find after every workout you will improve one way or another, whether that is adding a rep to your exercises or increasing the weight. Don't only track your exercises write down every single detail related to your goal. If you are building muscle weigh yourself once a week to see if you are gaining weight. Aim to gain a pound a week maximum to ensure you stay lean. If you gain too much or too little play around with your caloric intake until you find a happy medium.

When it comes to tracking calories download a calorie counter like myfitnesspal, the link is here (https://www.myfitnesspal.com/). It's an app on your phone that enables you to find out how many calories you need per day depending on your weight.This the beauty of tracking down everything you do. Yes I know it's annoying at first, but will save you a lot of time and stress in the long run. In addition you have to make sure your nutrition is on point.

When it comes to body composition, nutrition is 90 percent of it and exercise accounts for only 10 percent. Another important thing is to do an activity you enjoy. This will depend on what your individual interests are. You don't have to do strength training if that's not your thing. Do you like running or are you more of a swimmer?

There are countless activities you can do when you have some free time during the work day. You can also switch it up depending on how much work you have to do in your business on a particular day. Some days will by more busy than others and don't think you can't get a session in if you have only 15 minutes of free time. There are exercises you can do at your desk or in your office if you are really crunched for time. A new workout shouldn't be complicated, there is no need to do a ton of different exercises.

Simplicity is the best approach when it comes to working out, I recommend doing 4-6 exercises per workout so you can get in and out. The benefit of this is you will always know what parts the body are being worked while also preventing yourself from over training. When I first started working out I tried to do 10-15 exercises in order to get in a lot of volume. Funny thing I didn't see much progress at all after the first month and I just ended up fatigued.

Don't be like me when I first started take the better route, trust me you will see results much faster. Make sure your workouts don't last too long either. With strength training only workout for 60-75 minutes tops, any longer and your performance will start to decline. This can damage your central nervous system which has a huge impact on your recovery in between workouts. I want to leave you with this quote "Don't reach your goals demolish them" .


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