Marketing your service without money. Is this possible?

simpletechITsimpletechIT subscriber Posts: 3 Member
My startup is SimpleTech, which is a I.T Service & Solutions company. SimpleTech can save startups and small businesses up to 40% off I.T Services (managed.hosted I.T,network consulting, tech services and more), which our competitors can not even touch( did research). However , I have $0 for marketing.

What I have done-
Research research research. Social media seems to be a good resource and I have 2 leads thus far. Also their are good articles and videos that state this is possible.

My issue- I am not not a marketer and I feel very overwhelmed with what works what doesn't' work. Suggestions? Should I seek funding?

Marketing proposal- I am thinking about marketing/advertising my I.T Service company using referrals will get 30% of my monthly Managed I.T fee(3 months)- this can be $300-1000+/month referral payout. This seems like alot to invest but its worth it. I know my product will sell if more people know about it. Thoughts?


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