How to Write Cold Emails That Quickly Convert New Clients

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Crafting cold emails that actually convert clients is both an art and a science. Ryan Robinson, an entrepreneur and StartupNation contributor, gives several tips below on how to write cold emails that will quickly help you grow your client base. 

Community members, have you had much success with cold emails?

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  • Didier AubinDidier Aubin FrancePosts: 15subscriber Member
    Never tried a cold email. I just write emails with sale messengers, number discounts and CTA button :D . It still gets inquiries but not really effective way. Your article is good but it is not easy to make it successful.
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    @Didier Aubin, it is definitely not easy to convert clients after sending out cold emails. It may take a few tries. But being able to build relationships is important. I think another key element to sending out cold emails, whether it be to gain clients or to create awareness/get press, is to show that you actually understand what it is the person you're emailing does for a living or what their interests are. 

    For example, if you're sending a press release out about a new digital tool that helps with inbound marketing, look for journalists who have covered the topic before and written about similar topics. Read over one of their articles and let that person know you have read their work and link to it in your email. That way you are building a relationship and also letting them know why you're targeting them. 
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  • eSenseTranslationseSenseTranslations Posts: 3subscriber Member
    We have had success with cold emails and I agree with Ryan. It is about knowing your target market and offering something that is relevant to them. Personalisation is key. Don't spam people with useless information.
  • Alberto G. MorrisonAlberto G. Morrison Santa Clara, California, USAPosts: 26subscriber Bronze Level Member
    Here are the techniques I used to drive thousands of signups for my company: Techniques for killer cold emails
    1. Do your research
    2. Make yourself familiar
    3. Personalize the email
    4. Find something you have in common
    5. Strike a conversation
    6. Use emotional hooks
    7. Make it short and simple
    8. Make it about them, not you
    9. Check the clock
    10. Follow up
  • Chris262Chris262 Posts: 10subscriber Bronze Level Member
    Thank you for this list!
  • ShanoShano Posts: 10subscriber Bronze Level Member
    @Alberto G. Morrison in your cold email techniques you mentioned 'Find something you have in common' . Do you mean for every contact in the list we customize the email?
  • Noahoscar986Noahoscar986 Posts: 6subscriber Member
  • Stephannie BakerStephannie Baker Posts: 11subscriber Bronze Level Member

    I don't think there is any specific correct answer for that, it's very subjective I am doing it for 2 years and still don't have exact prototype. The key is keep up what works.

  • Jessie HookieJessie Hookie Posts: 25subscriber Bronze Level Member

    Techniques to Write Cold Emails That Quickly Convert Sales

    ·        Identify the ideal prospect.

    ·        Map out what your prospects care about.

    ·        Get their email address.

    ·        Hook her/him with an eye-catching subject line.

    ·        Cut to the chase.

    ·        Make it personal.

    ·        Stick to just one call to action.

    ·        Don’t forget to follow up.

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