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Do you think web design companies are offering as promised services or not?

Hello All, I belong to a design community and have been working as a lead graphics architect at several companies as well as experienced the taste of freelancing too. Today, I have joined this community to ask a simple but rancorous question about web development services which several companies are offering. I would like to reference my question with a recent experience my partner had when he signed up for a web design company and they promised to offer the finest web development services within 48 to 72 hours and also other complimentary services like free stationary, free business card, etc. but what happened actually is they just can’t make it on time and when we asked to refund our money, all their support member said was to check their refund policy and we didn’t get any dime as a refund. Anyways, thanks to my trainer who told me to order a basic package just to test their services first so we didn’t bear any serious loss?

Here, I would like to ask the respectable community if you guys have ever experienced the same type of service or were that a bad luck that happened to us. I am sure people here must have experienced any relevant experience in the past or near because now these guys are actively running campaigns in favor of their fraudulent services. Feel free to let me know with your comments below.


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    BeSEENBeSEEN subscriber Posts: 1 Member
    edited December 2017
    Hello, i'm a freelance developer and I can say it happens more than I like to see. Luckily, I never give a timeline which I see unfit. Usually I take a little less than the industry standard amount of time, which is a week and a half. But, in a lot of industries, such as web development, promises are becoming more and more fraudulent, and sometimes unattainable. With the market becoming more and more saturated it seems to me that this will become more and more common, web developers offering services in return for peanuts, promises which they know they wont obtain and sometimes, uncompleted work.

    As someone who's been in Web Development for quite a while, I can say there's a couple tips I can give to combat this issue. First, always ask for their portfolio if they don't promote it in their website, once you have their portfolio, don't be shy to contact the owners of those sites for them to give you a real idea of what they went through. Two, if possible, have the web developer be near you, so if you have any questions you don't need to do skype calls or have him send videos or links on how the website works or looks. You can just go through all that the old fashioned way, face to face. Three, always, I mean always, ask how they work. You can learn a lot about a web developer knowing on how they create websites.

    Hope this helped! :)
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