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What startups are especially attractive for you?

ShaneMurrayShaneMurray subscriber Posts: 25 Member
Our world doesn't stand still and is trying to evolve rapidly from day to day. That's why we can observe the steadily appearing of developing innovative projects everywhere. I'm interested in companies that are connected with high technologies and can surprise by innovation.
And what about you, friends? What startups do you find attractive ( I mean, in which industries they should be)? Thank you for your replies.


  • CurtisMLeeCurtisMLee subscriber Posts: 34 Bronze Level Member
    Uber. The company achieved unicorn status in August 2013 and its valuation has since grown to $66 billion, more than any other tech company by at least $20 billion.
  • Ryan O'BlenessRyan O'Bleness administrator Posts: 1,137 Site Admin
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    Ryan O'Bleness
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  • PZagottiPZagotti subscriber Posts: 23 Bronze Level Member

    I like companies that are disrupting the statuesque.  Companies like Uber and Air B&B are good examples but there are some legal and accounting service firms that are also along the same lines.  Bitcoin is another good example. 

    Most of these companies are actually having to break laws / regulations in order to operate but the laws they are breaking severed, to an extent, a protectionist function.  After showing their value to society at large it becomes politically impossible to enforce the regulations because the people suddenly see the cost the public has paid for those regulations and sees a cheaper more efficient alternative.

    It amazes me how economics can change long held social, political and regulatory beliefs. 

    Phillip Zagotti
    Zagotti & Burdette CPA, LLC
  • Helen LarsenHelen Larsen subscriber Posts: 58 Bronze Level Member
    First of all the startups can give you a unique opportunity to affect the history and of course earn good amount of money.
    I think that now cybersecurity projects are successful and popular: Duo Security, Cybereason, CrowdStrike...
  • Matt_ShieldsMatt_Shields subscriber Posts: 32 Bronze Level Member
    If I were to choose based from my expertise, I'd go for any innovative apps that help with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), especially in the field of manufacturing. Right now, I'm really curious about block chain technology and its huge potential to disrupt the current status quo.

  • sandeshsandesh subscriber Posts: 27 Bronze Level Member
    I go for the online business store(E-commerce) it is more trendy nowadays.
  • ShaneMurrayShaneMurray subscriber Posts: 25 Member
    Sometimes I think that maybe it doesn't matter in what industries startups work. The main thing is an interesting catchy idea which is able to help improve the living conditions of the whole society or a certain category of people.
  • NatashaGilbertNatashaGilbert subscriber Posts: 11 Bronze Level Member
    I like companies Appkodes, They are providing on demand website clone script. Appkodes Clone script is the best option for entrepreneurs, Clone scripts are the mightiest boon for the ecommerce start-ups who are not technical based.

    Appkodes became too much popular on demand from the many passionate entrepreneurs keen towards a perfect user friendly ecommerce website. Such clone scripts in Appkodes almost serves all the categories of E-commerce namely b2b (business to business), b2c (business to customer) and c2c (customer to customer).
  • Urvi KashyapUrvi Kashyap subscriber Posts: 18 Bronze Level Member
    Startups are attractive when they solve a major problem, are first to the field or solve a problem that the already existing leader has.

    Startups or entrepreneurship starts with solving a problem thus creating value, it can be from anything to everything.
  • Russell LeedsRussell Leeds subscriber Posts: 2 Member
    Probably the most important decision that you will have to make is what is your business going to be. This is key that you get this right otherwise you might be working really hard at a business that is never going to be very successful. 

    Most people set up a business because it something that they can do or something that they expect they will enjoy doing.

    So they think to themselves I like the idea of being an accountant, I’ll train to be an accountant and set up my own business. They then run that business as a sole trader and they do absolutely everything in that business. So as well as the actual accountancy they also, do the bookkeeping, marketing, make sales calls, be the receptionist, business planning, customer service etc etc.

     Now this is fine if you want to create yourself a job where you can earn decent money and be your own boss and when setting up your first business you will almost certainly have to do this in the beginning stages.

     However if you are only getting paid when you do the work it means that you are limiting the amount of money that you can earn. Even if you were being paid £100 per hour and worked 40 hours per week you would still only be turning over £200,000. You would also be working bloody hard because you wouldn’t be getting paid for all the other activities that need to be done in every business such as the marketing, book keeping, planning, etc.

     What you need to do is have a business that you can replicate. A business where the business can make profit and let other people do the work for you.

    This is my 4 Step Guide to Choosing the Right Business I use this guide before buying, investing or developing any new business and you should too.

    Step 1 - Is the product or service in demand?

    You’ll have to do your research and look at other companies that already do what you plan on doing. How much do they make? How busy are they?

     You might think “Hey, nobody is doing that so there’s a gap in the market.” If nobody is doing it chances are there’s no demand for it.

    It’s best if there are already companies doing the same thing that are successful so that you know the business model works and can try and emulate them. This way you’re not going to spend years trying to sell something that people just don’t want.

     There are exceptions to that rule but they are few and far between. Even Uber who are totally unique in the way they provide their service are still just a taxi company and are still using the same market as all other taxi companies. They are just doing it in a more innovative and cost effective way.

    Step 2 - Is there a good profit margin?

    This is really important because if you’re not making a good profit then what’s the point in doing it.

    You need a good understanding of the industry what are the costs involved in running the business. How much will you need to spend on advertising? How much will it cost to get someone else to do the job for you?

    Step 3 - Can You Replicate Your Business?

    If you want to grow a successful business it is essential that you don’t have to do anything hands on, this will give you the time to plan and grow the business.

    Now to begin with you will need to do everything and then as soon as you can afford to, start replacing tasks that you do yourself with employees or independent contractors.

    My goal when I set up a business is to make myself totally not needed so the business can function without me. Now this can be hard especially if you like to control every situation.

    Step 4 - You Don’t want a Low Barrier to Entry Business.

    First of all what is low barrier to entry? Low barrier to entry means that there are not to many barriers in your way in order to set up your business.

    Barriers would be things such as -

    -Large Investment needed

    -Difficult qualifications

    -Expensive equipment or buildings needed

    Now you might think “Surely having less barriers in the way would make it even better and easier”

    The problem is if it’s easy for you, it’s easy for everyone.

    So even if you stumble across a great idea everyone will be doing it and worse still when you try and scale up your business your staff will leave and try and do it themselves.

    This means that in if there are lots of red tape and obstacles in the way making it very difficult to set your business you should be delighted and say -

    “I’m prepared to go through all this crap that 99% of people wouldn’t go through meaning in the long run it will be easier to scale up my business and be successful.”

  • NRGreenNRGreen subscriber Posts: 3 Member
    I think starting an online store of fashion accessories can be a good idea for the beginners.
  • ChiedoChiedo subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
    - Artificial Intelligence 
    - Cybersecurity
    - Drones.
    - Augmented Reality
    - Virtual Reality 
    - Blockchain
    - Cryptocurrency
    - Space Travel
    - Solar 
    - 3D printing 
    - edge computing 
    - internet of things 
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  • natashaaboehmnatashaaboehm subscriber Posts: 3 Member
    Not bad at all, interesting to use all these stuff
  • Justin evansJustin evans subscriber Posts: 69 Bronze Level Member
    Well to be very honest I must say I like a startup that is service based that meet to the need of the customers and directly interact with them and anyone can get benefit from them. Apps like Taxi Dispatch service which provide the best services you are just one click away from getting a taxi. Another one like its laundry service based, Skilled Trade Service, etc., so these become a point of interest nowadays. And they are attracting too.
    I'm qualified Software Engineer and Marketer Performing my responsibilities with due professional care and competence. Recently I am working on projects for On Demand industry like ODTap and Cabstartup
  • Diana.kasimDiana.kasim subscriber Posts: 23 Bronze Level Member
    I am interested in financial technology companies. I think the era of traditional banks is coming to end, I am looking for more cashless economy, it's super interesting how world can change in just few years. 
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