Best Strategies for Reaching Local Business Owners

Lbeezy20Lbeezy20 Posts: 2subscriber Member
We are getting ready for our consumer launch. We are partnered with over 500 local businesses. Some however we have not kept a relationship with though because our launch has takin close to 3 years. Any best strategies to getting to get back in front of these businesses? Creating a networking group? A Facebook page for owners and staff? Obviously content creation to reach them?


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    Online groups with like-minded people are a good idea, but also try in-person events, such as conferences, workshops and meetups. 

    You may also want to try some grassroots efforts, such as just brining in a business card and sample of your product (I am not sure what you do). 
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    Face to face meetings works best for local businesses. It is also important not to waste the time and budget on things that do not work. For instance, new messager app launch promo campaign on the local level with some celebrities, but that does not work, cuz the niche is too competitive, and nobody cares. Same could be applied universally. So if the strategy does not work for creating value for both you and clients (or local businesses), if it does not work in the win-win concept, don't waste your time for that.
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    Thanks @"Ryan O'Bleness" and @shawnthorn for both of your feedback! I was just curious to see if there was any other experience in this type of communication. Face to Face is by far the best and almost only way to convey our messaging. Providing value to them on a consistent basis is the only way to gain their trust, which will ultimately lead to strengthening the communication with them! Thanks again for your input!
  • sterlingsolnssterlingsolns Posts: 4subscriber Member
    Obtain database of local business owners. You can reach them multiple ways like email, direct phone numbers, mailing address etc. Cheers
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    Lbeezy20 said:
    We are partnered with over 500 local businesses.
    You are having 500 local businesses as partners, why not ask them to mention about you in their blogs and social media pages, you can do the vice-versa this might make an impact on your local searches. 
  • Urvi KashyapUrvi Kashyap Posts: 18subscriber Bronze Level Member
    My face actually lit up when you mentioned 500 local businesses, its a huge number and I want you to be proud of it.

    Now, Its impressive that you want to get back your lost members and that can happen because you want it so badly to happen. Part of the process has been started there.

    As some people suggested that you should organize meetups and get infront of them to confront them, that is true but what you could miss is people are not interested in coming to you and create value. what people want is to go to a place where value is created. Create value using seminars, bring in an expert in the field, bring in hi-tech sample products for testing and experiencing so that people can know about it by using it etc It depends on your business of what you can accomplish, it is limitless.

    secondly what you can do is solve their problem. You can find out how and what is causing suffering if any in any form and solve it or make it easier for them. It could be creating a service which you could outsource but you can get them back for the long run and maybe create a few more local partnerships.

    All the best and take care
  • Jon Lee WritesJon Lee Writes Posts: 4subscriber Member
    Visit them in person and don't walk in trying to sell.

    Go in, have a conversation about something they do or sell then mention that you talked to the manager awhile ago.
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