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Looking for business partners

GustarsonGustarson subscriber Posts: 2 Member
Hi, I am looking for business partners to start, obviously a business. Just to give some background. The idea is not new, and actually it is running in several countries. We contacted this ¨company¨and offered them a partnership to enter in a new market, however after a deep research we did for this company, they rejected the partnership staying that it will not work. This company started approx. 10 years ago, and now their profits after tax is approx. 15 million Euros. Their business is based in an ¨old¨way of business, which means, focussed on ground sales, rather than in new technologies. I believe that the idea can be implemented in a different way, based on similar business model but using application, for example similar to UBER and this kind of Apps. I know what they do, and how they do it, not in high detail, but I know how they make money and why. The problem is, I am more in finance than in IT-developer. That is why I have decided to register in this website and leave this starting message. Essentially we do not require a lot money to start, if we put on the table; the Know-how and bright minds behind the idea + some good developers who can create an application. For the sake of not wasting our time, please only leave your comment if you are really interested and you can make a good contribution. Regards. GM


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    Nick MNick M subscriber Posts: 3 Member
    why dont you say what the business actually does
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    GustarsonGustarson subscriber Posts: 2 Member
    It provides a benefit for the employees. For the companies, its a good solution, because the employees are more eager to stay in the company. For the employees, they appreciate to have this possibility offered by their employer. I can tell you that when you go to an interview, one of the mandatory questions from the employee to the employer is; Do you offer this benefit?
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