How do you increase your engagement on instagram?



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    <div>Getting Instagram Traffic organically doesn't have to cost you much nor does it take a long time to do. You mostly have to have a few tools in place.</div><div>1) An app to perfect your image or offer in a way that looks attractive.</div><div>2) Tagline and effevtive promotion or deal</div><div>3)Most importantly Tags that target your audience.</div><div>4) Make videos frequently. Vidoes and animated photos bring more traffic than a still photo.</div><div>5) Utilize the business Instagram rather than Personal. </div><div>6) Promote your post for pennies on the dollar.  $7.00 of traffic can reach a target audience of almost 3k. Nice!</div><div>7) USE instagram Stories</div><div>
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  • Andre BrownAndre Brown subscriber Posts: 55 Bronze Level Member
    Thanks for the tips Socialmarked. I'm going to start using them today.
  • salenadamsalenadam subscriber Posts: 99 Silver Level Member
    Include a call to action:Instagram is a photo sharing app. But, you can use it as a platform to leverage the written word too. Take your audience a step further by adding a call-to-action to your Instagram photos.
    Include witty captions on photos:
    Not every description has to include a call-to-action. You can win your audience over with a witty caption on your Instagram image.
    Post at the right times:
    Instagram audiences are more engaged throughout the week. Quick Sprout found that Instagram engagement is fairly steady, with slight increases on Monday and decreases on Sunday. So, Mondays should get a little more attention since it’s the beginning of the week.
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    Hi @Andre Brown

    As everyone said there isn't any guaranteed ways, but to grow your Instagram account there are a few different ways.

    1. Use hashtags you can use up to 30 per post. I use relevant hashtags to my business as well as popular hastags such as "smile, happy, tbt, picoftheday" a lot of eyeballs are on these keywords so I add them to increase visibility.

    2. Instagram stories are great as well for engagement and to get people who aren't following you yet to find you.

    3. I would also recommending following similar accounts to yours and usually they will follow back. If you have identified a competitor you can go to their posts and follow whoever liked/engaged with their post. 

    All the best!

  • PEOCbackOfficePEOCbackOffice subscriber Posts: 3 Member
    I agree on using IG stories. Also, be proactive. Instead of waiting for new followers to discover you and your business, try growing your reach by following accounts that are relevant to your business and start leaving comments on their posts. Invite them to follow you back or at least check out your feed. Your follower numbers should grow organically thereafter.
  • Travis LongmoreTravis Longmore subscriber Posts: 12 Bronze Level Member
    Most of the suggestions so far are around your own content but a really great long term strategy is to engage on other peoples content more than you post. I'd start with finding the hashtags that represent your industry and then look for the photos posted recently and the most popular ones. Spend some time each day commenting (meaningfully!) on each post and begin to become part of that community. This will give you exposure to new audiences but also build trust and influence. It's the single best tactic I've seen for Instagram growth.
  • Sandra YanceySandra Yancey subscriber Posts: 34 Bronze Level Member
    Engage in your own posts, ask and reply to those who leave a comment. You can also do collaborations and work with accounts who are on the same niche, or you can also do influencer marketing. This way you are increasing both your audience reach and engagement. Do your research before you use your hashtags. If you use hashtags that are too popular, chances are that the hashtag might be overused and your post will be lost in the wide sea of posts with the similar hashtag. Try and use hashtags that are popular yet not overused.
  • BhawnaBhawna subscriber Posts: 4 Member
    Here are some tips that can help you :- 
    1. Optimize hashtags
    2. Connect with your viewers
    3. Promote through Instagram stories
    4. Use new features. eg :- IGTV , Poll , AskmeQuestion
    5. host a contest

      Hope, this will help you.

  • Jason CamayaJason Camaya subscriber Posts: 2 Member

    Instagram is one of the best social media apps and to gain some traction IGTV really works. Videos attract more than posting pictures.

    MobileAppDaily has listed some ways on how to increase presence on IGTV. They are:

    Content Idea

    Video Quality

    Analyzing Statistics

    Content Description

  • BrackwomBrackwom subscriber Posts: 39 Bronze Level Member

    The Instagram platform is good for business, but unless you do not use paid services or help from influencers, you can't get the best response from Instagram.

  • Jason CamayaJason Camaya subscriber Posts: 2 Member
    edited August 2021

    Yes, I totally agree with this. Nowadays, influencers play an important role in promoting the business. However, if we are a beginner we can always start with creating videos and reels to reach a particular count of followers. According to Quintly, as stated in MobileAppDaily as well, videos have more engagement rate.

    We can always start with creating videos.

    After when we know our page has reached a count, we can take help from paid tools and influencers.

  • alex_20alex_20 subscriber Posts: 14 Bronze Level Member

    For Instagram, one of the best things you can do is put some questions sticker/countdown stickers on your stories. This will not just increase your engagement, but you will also get to know your target market better and what they want/expect. But if you really want a great increase in your customer engagement, you can check this: It helped us not only with the engagement but also with gaining new customers and generating more sales.

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