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How A Consistent Exercise Routine Will Improve Your Performance As An Entrepreneur

Andre BrownAndre Brown subscriber Posts: 55 Bronze Level Member
Hello everyone, happy Tuesday I hope you are all having a good morning. In this post I will talk about how having a consistent workout routine will help you improve the way you work as an entrepreneur. I know that a lot of you wanted to start a business so you could do something that you enjoy while making the world a better place. Some of you were motivated to help others find more cost effective solutions to their issues and a few of you wanted to become your own boss instead of working a 9 to 5 job. However entrepreneurship comes with a unique set of challenges.

Some of them including sacrificing time with friends and family, paying for your own health insurance (which can be expensive) and the long work hours. Learning more about your industry as well as finding a niche you can market to can take some time. Marketing and expenses are a major concern for a lot of you which takes a lot of time and research to develop while finding a budget you can work with. This is a very stressful yet enjoyable endeavor once you find out your why and to be different than everyone else by living on your own terms. However all of this time spent building your business can lead to long nights which can cause become tired and drained.

This can have a huge impact on how you perform while you are working on your business. It is important to have enough energy to work on the things that you want to achieve. That's where exercise comes in to provide you an emotional outlet to the constant work you're doing. You see when you workout, your body is experiencing stress while doing a physical activity. This is especially true when you are incorporating strength training into your routine.

At first it doesn't feel comfortable but after you workout for about 15-20 minutes you will start to feel good. This because endorphins are released during physical activity which boosts your heart rate and gets your blood pumping. They diminish the perception of pain and also act as sedatives which gives you a similar feeling to Runner's High. This will allow you to go harder during your workout while amping up the intensity. Another benefit is that during exercise you will find that you will be completely focused on your workout and nothing else.

You will be completely in the moment which is a great feeling indeed. This will help you be more mentally sharp which is a side effect of your body getting more energy through exercise. This can help you come up with some awesome ideas that you can implement later to help you improve your business. I love to exercise because it allows me to be more alert and get me more into the present moment. I came up with ideas while on the treadmill about what articles I wanted to post about or write. When I'm walking on the treadmill I like to listen to podcasts on my phone so I can become even more creative.

Listening to a podcast while you are exercising can give you a double dose of inspiration as these podcasts are informative. You can thank your workout for putting you in such a happy state. When you get done with your session you feel like a different person. You seem to enjoy life and want to spread the love all around you, that's how I feel after I leave the gym. This is something that you can look forward to a few times a week to get your creative juices flowing.

Another important thing that exercise teaches you is to succeed and never give up during the hardest times. Think about it, when you are performing an exercise you are completely focused on the movement that you are doing. You are counting every rep in your head and focusing on your muscles contracting. Once you perform a certain number of reps it becomes harder to do the exercise, I will use weightlifting as an example. With every repetition you do your body is using more energy and you start to fatigue.

This is where it becomes mental instead of all physical. Your body will want you to give up so you can put the weight down. But you can use your mind to get a few more reps in. Keep in mind though not to overdo it and hurt yourself, stop 1-2 reps before failure. By failure I mean when your muscles get so fatigued that you can no longer lift the weight.

Think about positive thoughts during your workout that evoke strength or power to help you get through those really tough reps. You can use music to really get in the zone to increase these positive effects, so download a playlist of your favorite songs. Working out is about pushing through the pain of hard times to reach your goal in the end. This ties into the hard times that you will experience when you are running your own business. There will be times when you want to give up because things are going your way or moving fast enough.

This is especially true when you are first starting out. At this stage you will go through a period of trial and error to find out what works for you and what doesn't. By adding exercise to your daily routine you will be more likely to persevere through the tough times and to give it your all. Working out teaches you discipline and to show up every day regardless of how you feel. This will make you a more confident person in the long run by enabling you to make tough decisions that can improve your business. Hitting the gym has been proven to lower your stress levels so you can stay calm to focus on the things that matter.

Here's a funny fact, working out actually motivated me to start my own business. This taught me how to never give up, strive to be the best I can be and any other things. I figured if I can reach my fitness goals, then I can accomplish anything else I set my mind to.

I hope you got some good insight on how to incorporate exercise into your busy workday. I promise that if you do this for at least a month you will see some positive differences. Who knows you may come up with some awesome ideas! Let me know how this article has impacted you and leave a comment below. Feel free to join my community(The Jawann Fitness Exercise & Health Community on Facebook) if you want even more tips.
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