I am getting tons of sample requests from the people that I am trying to sell to.

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I am getting tons of sample requests from the people that I am trying to sell to. However, I don't offer a samples. Just because my product is a USD 12.97 per 300ml and I don't have enough budget to create a sachet samples type. If I give samples for free, I am loosing a lot of money. So do you guys charge samples or give it for free? please help.


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    While giving samples away may cause you to lose money in the short term, the other way to look at it is that you're spending (likely) less money on the promotion of the product. If the consumers try it and like it, not only will they buy it, but they may recommend it to friends and spread the news via social media or word of mouth. That's free promotion. Of course, not everyone who tries it for free will end up buying it it talking about it, so understand the risk. 

    I would advise against charging for samples. Either don't give them out at all, increase the price of the product to make up for it or give it away for free and hope that by giving a small sample away, that will translate into more customers later You can kind of look at it as a return on your investment. 

    You mention milliliters and sachet samples. I take it the product is either perfume, lotion or shampoo/conditioner? 
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    It depends on who those clients are, how well established you are, if you need the product in people's hands - so a few variables, lol.

    I'm currently selling cosmetics myself, and I'm offering it to friends and family at a heavily discounted, 'promotional' price, and they seem very happy with the arrangement. I've been able to build up some positive buzz within my circles, so my friends are selling other friends on the product.

    However, if I weren't selling to people who already know and trust me, I'd probably need to give them free samples. You want to remove as many hurdles to your customer as possible. Maybe, you might need to start marketing to wholesalers, so that your initial investment in free samples, could bring you great returns?
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    How long before I stop receiving unsolicited marketing calls or faxes?
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