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Growth debt

dlmillidlmilli subscriber Posts: 10 Bronze Level Member
Been operating my startup for well over a year. Happy with the results and it is time to flex some real marketing muscle. I think the typical startup approach is a pre-seed VC raise. However I am thinking about taking unsecured loans from F&F instead. The idea is if this has a great ROI, I'll treasure keeping the equity. If it does not work the business can afford to pay back lenders.

Does anyone have experience with debt for growth? What is your recommendation?


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    MWCCMWCC subscriber Posts: 6 Member
    Hi dlmilli,

    Found a few lenders that specialize in helping businesses get funding for their startup needs and very pleased to be spreading the good word. They come with amazing rates, flexibility, and well worth getting a funding estimate. Got a few startups up to 100K in unsecured, business credit limits at 0% interest for 12 months+ if interested in discussing.

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    dlmillidlmilli subscriber Posts: 10 Bronze Level Member
    Thanks Rich. Is there a list I should be seeing in your post? 
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    SPCSPC subscriber Posts: 7 Member
    @dlmilli - do you have any employees yet? If so, public financing might be an alternative. Usually need about 10 employees though and have some capital assets you are looking to buy (working capital is hard to get from public sources). Good luck!
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