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E-commerce through Amazon vs. Own Website (Shopify)

Mike123Mike123 Posts: 1subscriber Member
I am completely new to the world of E-Commerce. I have been wanting to launch an ecommerce business for fashion jewelry and accessories. After doing a lot of research I still am completely lost as to whether to sell directly on Amazon or create my own website through Shopify.

Some people recommend through Amazon since there already is a customer base there, some recommend own website for Branding purposes. I was thinking of doing both Amazon and Website at the same time, however will this be bad for branding? Or should I just sell the pieces through Amazon under a different business name while the website operates under a different Brand?

What are the real cons of doing both at the same time?


  • Ryan O'BlenessRyan O'Bleness Birmingham, Mich. Posts: 832administrator Site Admin
    I don't think doing both is necessarily a branding issue, though I understand that line of thinking, but more so it would be a time issue. 

    That will take a lot of your time, effort and resources to build and maintain your own website, while also becoming an Amazon seller. Plus all of the time it takes you to create, package and ship the items. The obvious pros are that you will get more eyeballs on your product, which will hopefully lead to more sales. So if you do go this route, make sure you weigh the pros and cons and create a plan and/or schedule to make sure you are spending the correct amount of time on each project/website and prioritize as necessary. 

    I believe you will have a monthly fee to pay, plus additional selling fees with Amazon. 
    Ryan O'Bleness
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  • CarlbrewsterCarlbrewster Posts: 133subscriber Silver Level Member
    Launch your own e-commerce website will be a best option because for every sell on amazon you have to pay some money to it, plus there are many terms and conditions on return and replacement.
  • charucharu Posts: 27subscriber Bronze Level Member
    Amazon is a big platform. Millions of people visit amazon. If you sell your products there, they will be easier to find and buy. But read their terms and condition first. 
  • tonytautonytau ChicagoPosts: 13subscriber Bronze Level Member
    It is a lot of work to get traffic to your website. Amazon will ensure you have traffic. In terms of branding having your own website is important. Also, you don't want to depend on Amazon to make all of your sales. I would say do both.

    If you have any questions related to web design feel free to send me an email. [email protected]
  • Peter JohnsonPeter Johnson Posts: 3subscriber Member
    On the one hand, with Amazon you will have access to a larger market. On the other hand, there will be a lot of competition as well. The problem with using your own website is that you'll need to do a lot more marketing than using Amazon.
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