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Need name for online silk floral/tree business

cindybcindyb subscriber Posts: 1
edited August 2007 in Business Planning
  I am starting a new online business offering silk florals, trees, and greenery.  I do not plan on having a retail location at this time, strictly on line for now.  Unfortunately, the names I have come up with have laready been taken online.  I started with names like these:  Petals.com, Blossom Shoppe.com, Designer Silks.com, and because I do intend to offer an entire product line for the different seasons and holidays, (along with everyday) I tried Seasons.com.   I have reserved the name Seasons Interiors.com  but I am not offering Interior design or decorating services, just interior accents so I am not convinced that this name will work.   I also intend to market to businesses, so my name cannot be limited to a residential clientele.
Any suggestions??? 


  • stevesellswaxstevesellswax subscriber Posts: 0
    Hey cindy,here is a name that isn`t taken yetcreationsinsilk.comI use idotz.net to register and they only charge 8.95 a year per name.steve
  • stevesellswaxstevesellswax subscriber Posts: 0
    here is another name cindy,silkypetals.comSteve
  • cindybcindyb subscriber Posts: 1
    Thank you for your suggestions!  I like them both, especially silkypetals.  I should have mentioned that my goal is to keep the name as short as I can which is another reason why I am hesitant with the name I have a hold on.
    Great job!
  • cindybcindyb subscriber Posts: 1
    thank you very much for your suggestions.  I appreciate your input very much.  I am new at this and am basically taking something I love to do and wrangle a business out of it.  There are so many decisions to make and your brain can get swimming in them before you know it!!  Thanks again for taking time to offer your help!
  • stevesellswaxstevesellswax subscriber Posts: 0
    Thanks Cindy...One of the things that you will run into when you look for a domain name is that companys and individuals mine these names hoping to find the big nugget to sell to someone for major profit. So if you like a name that you search.The idea is to buy it asap...keep it until you either use it or not. $8.95 is a small price to pay for a 2 word webname. I wouldn`t hesitate..Even if you don`t use them for your main business, when you host your site most hosts are allowing unlimited domains...so you caan use them to redirect to the main one you chose.some names search better than others. the search engine spiders are now looking at the domain name as part of the PR ranking..meaning popularity ranking.If you are interested in getting some help with your website, let me know and i can get you going pretty cheap. you can have a site up and running with a full blow store for less than 500.00 which will look and feel like it cost you a bundle.I am not a pro but i do alot of this for my friends and the business i am involved with. and you can be selling on the web with just a few days maybe a week.Take care and good luck,Steve
  • cindybcindyb subscriber Posts: 1
    Steve, once again thank you for your input.  I also appreciate your offer to help with my site.  I am presently a ways away from developing the site as I am just now settling on a product line, ordering materials, and so on.  I anticipate having a lot of pictures on our site to showcase our product line.  I am also interested in using some kind of service like paypal.  I will let you know when we get closer to being ready to get the site put together.  Once again, thank you!!
  • MarketcentricMarketcentric subscriber Posts: 0
    Cindy,Here is one for you:    silktopia.net      (.com is taken)
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