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About managing store problems when business gets bigger

Kylan StanleyKylan Stanley subscriber Posts: 8 Member
Hi, everyone. I got some problems with my future business. I am planning to open a medium business which operates in the retail field. Because of the lack of funding, I just can open 2 physical stores which are far from each other 100km (in 2 different cities). Along with 2 physical stores, I also build 2 corresponding online stores and 3 warehouses spread from beginning to the end of our state.
But here is the problem: I cannot manage multiple location inventories between online and offline stores. Maybe I need an inventory management app that will sync with my Magento Online Store and Magento POS and track/update inventory quantities. It would also need to allow me to view each individual inventory.

StitchLabs kind of does this, but it's a cumbersome product and lacks any simplistic view of inventory. Only a massive .CSV file that gives me TMI.

Is anyone else having this issue? What are you doing to work around this lack of functionality? I need your help, please.
I would appreciate your recommendations


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    Ryan O'BlenessRyan O'Bleness administrator Posts: 1,137 Site Admin
    edited October 2017
    This blog post from Fundera seems to be a detailed blog post about the best inventory management apps to use: 

    I have never used any of these apps, but if it were me, I would do due diligence on any that seem appealing. So, look at reviews, study the features and functionality, possibly even run short test periods for a couple of the apps to see which is best for you. 

    Hope this helps! 
    Ryan O'Bleness
    Community Manager
    StartupNation, LLC
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    chloevanessachloevanessa subscriber Posts: 1 Member
    Big help from Ryan. However, I must admit that the long list doesn't give enough details to make a decision. Should cut off to a comparison of maybe 5 apps.

    One question to Kylan, you mentioned Stichlabs, which provides inventory solutions on desktop. The recommendation of Ryan is all about the iOS and Android apps on a mobile device. Could I ask you for more information about your favorite device to use Inventory management software? Magento has some useful solutions for their users to consider.
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    Kylan StanleyKylan Stanley subscriber Posts: 8 Member
    edited October 2017
    @"Ryan O'Bleness" thank you for the in formative article. I checked every single apps in that list, but it seems that these apps are too simple to implement in my business

    @chloevanessa i am using only computer and tablet for inventory management processing. I've checked some Magento extensions by some providers but they only buy small stuffs which can't connect the overall system and share the same flow of information. I am looking for somthing bigger but don't need to big as SAP or Dynamics
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    Tom AdamsTom Adams subscriber Posts: 70 Bronze Level Member
    So if you use computer, you can choose more powerful and functional program
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    Wade WilsonWade Wilson subscriber Posts: 6 Member
    Interesting post, thanks for information
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    Kylan StanleyKylan Stanley subscriber Posts: 8 Member
    After few month of researching on the internet and consulting from your suggestions. I came up with 2 possible options which are: Xero and Magestore. Xero is quite professional, and have a good reputation, and Magestore seems more suitable with my scale of business. Then I chose MageStore
    The reason I chose magestore compared to xero because the implementation is better. Last year I bought 3 extensions from them so I can find their support team is very effective. So I bought a medium package from them (they call it omnichannel solution, not ERP system).
    Has anyone have any comment about their solution. Because they offer me 30-day refund. If has any negative review, I will think again
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    emnaemna subscriber Posts: 11 Bronze Level Member
    i must admit that the long list doesn't give enough details to make a decision. Should cut off to a comparison of maybe 5 apps. thanks rayan for big help 
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    Anna GreenAnna Green subscriber Posts: 12 Bronze Level Member
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