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5 Outsourcing Strategies for Undermanned Startups

StartupNationStartupNation administrator Posts: 625 Site Admin

image5 Outsourcing Strategies for Undermanned Startups

To ensure success, you need to implement a strategic and calculated approach that will seamlessly integrate outsourcing into your team.

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    Dan LaceyDan Lacey subscriber Posts: 4 Member
    I've had a real mixed bag with outsourcing in the past, but when I have found the right people to work with it has been an amazing help to my business. I think sometimes it can be easy to try and cut corners to save money in the short-term... but that kind of short-term thinking doesn't usually work out. Find great people to outsource to and stick with them!
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    Vic Stizzi CuadradoVic Stizzi Cuadrado subscriber Posts: 2 Member
    Definitely had a great experience finding artist to work with on craigslist while had a nightmare with freelancer.com lol You would think it would be opposite.
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    yazminbarajasyazminbarajas subscriber Posts: 7 Member
    First of all, thanks for sharing this valuable information. Outsourcing can be very helpful to a business, many businesses that i know became more successful because they outsource a part or some of their tasks in order to focus more on the business core. I agree that outsourcing is one of the key in order to grow your business but of course it can be very risky also, it will depend on the situation.
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    damponting44damponting44 subscriber Posts: 34 Bronze Level Member
    Outsourcing software development is an easy way to get the tasks off your table and hand it over to worthy and competent hands. It may be the best option for a company that is not directly into the development of software.
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    HK1HK1 subscriber Posts: 1 Member
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    marketinggalmarketinggal subscriber Posts: 28 Bronze Level Member
    Good information which is an urgent need for most entrepreneurs about how to outsource and not go crazy or broke!  My tip is to over hire, meaning if you need 2 writers then hire 4 because a few will quit, not complete the task or just disappear. Communication is the key to a good outsourcing experience. Also, remember some of your hires may speak a different language so try extra hard to write all specifications and instructions clearly and without slang. 
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