How to Prep Your Side Hustle to Become a Full-Time Business

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Ask yourself these five questions to determine if you are ready to take the leap from side hustle to full-time entrepreneur.

1. Are you ready to retire from your other job? Think about this...
  • Can you afford to leave? 
  • Will you lose insurance?
  • Can you handle more than full-time? 
2. Click the link below to read on!

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  • GiGeramoGiGeramo subscriber Posts: 10 Member
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    If i could only answer these questions... 
  • Jessie HookieJessie Hookie subscriber Posts: 351 Silver Level Member

    I read your article. That was fantastic. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  • InspiredMillionInspiredMillion subscriber Posts: 4 Member

    Awesone thanx for sharing

  • MarbmanMarbman Caribbeansubscriber Posts: 5 Member

    Yes there are a number of questions, criterias etc. that need to be answered before making the jump to full time hustler.

    Get the maths (UK spelling) right and make sure your projected income will be a full time income and I don't mean in 12 months time (unless you have savings)

    From my own personal experience it was a full time gig from day one. I was lucky at the time as I had no child to worry about, my partner had a good job and I had savings.

    These savings proved invaluable as it was 6 months before a steady income started arriving.

    Just be well prepared and this will make the jump a much more pleasurable one.

  • justiceankomahjusticeankomah subscriber Posts: 1 Member

    I really love all that you have said and is very educative. But maintaining a side hustle like an online business is really hard my friend. I started this tutorial blog last year and it has been a pain in the hell.

    so my little add-up is that, make sure the revenue you get from your side hustle enough before you quit your day job.

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