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Do I need an assitant?

ablowe2002ablowe2002 Posts: 1subscriber Member
What kind of tasks would you delegate to an assistant, virtual or personal that would make your time more effective?

What tasks do you find yourself doing for your business that you dislike or find tedious?


  • ItsSherryTeeItsSherryTee Ohio USAPosts: 19subscriber Bronze Level Member
    edited November 2017
    Some people assign an hourly rate to themselves that incorporates their competitive marketable skill-level, experience, education etc. in their area of expertise.

    If you find yourself doing those tasks that don't pertain to your hourly rate (expertise) at the expense of getting projects done on time and within budget and reduces your ability to procuring new clients in a timely fashion, and you can justify and afford the expense, give it a try.

    'It' might be a virtual assistant or it could be a telecommuter in your area who could come into the 'office' as needed or find some other efficient solution. Run the numbers (time & expense) then make a decision. 

    Incorporate computerization / automation of tasks etc. via Internet first, where possible. The benefits can accumulate to become substantial. The Internet provides global versatility whereby you'll have data access no matter where you are globally. Running back and forth to the office to retrieve information costs money and reduces efficiency in addition to reducing profitability. 
  • ShikiShiki USAPosts: 14subscriber Bronze Level Member
    Do you need an assistant or don't- this thing know only you/ Cause if you don't have enough time to do all your job- then you need it/ If you are ok with it- then you don't.
  • Diana.kasimDiana.kasim Posts: 22subscriber Bronze Level Member
    First of all it depends on the skills of the assistant, if i see he/she can handle with the task, I ll give it to her/him. It also depends on you how you good in explaining what you want and when 
  • AsfandiyarAsfandiyar Posts: 21subscriber Bronze Level Member
    If you do not have time and feel that you need an assistant, it's time to take it. A person should be committed to your ideas and ambitious. These are the most important qualities. Also, I think he should have experience.
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