Cyber Security Dos and Don’ts for Business Owners

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Take the following steps to reduce the odds that your business is affected by cybercrime. 

Don't: Fall for common email scams. 

Do: Click the article link below to read the rest of the cyber security dos and don'ts.

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    There have been so many hacks and data breaches in recent years that it’s easy to produce a laundry list of household name brands and organizations that have been affected.

    Just a few examples are:

    • Facebook, the social media giant on Amazon’s cloud computing service.
    • First American Corporation, had 885 million records exposed in a data breach that included bank account info, social security numbers, wire transactions, and mortgage paperwork.
    • Equifax, the global credit ratings agency who experienced a data breach that affected a staggering 147 Million customers. The costs of recovering from the hack were recently estimated at $439 Million.
    • The UK National Health Service (NHS), which was temporarily brought to its knees with a relatively rudimentary ransomware attack, resulting in cancelled operations and considerable clean-up costs. This specific attack became particularly embarrassing for the UK government, when it emerged that “basic IT security” could have prevented it.
    • Yahoo, the web giant that suffered a breach affecting every one of its three Billion customer accounts. Direct costs of the hack ran to around $350 Million, and while it’s harder to quantify reputational damage, it’s probably fair to say that Yahoo is not the first port of call for consumers seeking a safe and secure place to host an email account!

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    I found your article very informative and you had great use of facts throughout the article.  

    Thanks for sharing this valuable information with us, it is a really helpful article!

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    Thanx for sharing this srticle.

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