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I have developed a product that is a new twist on an old favorite;  the s`more.  I would like to present this to a food manufacturer. Most companies are not interested in new recipes, but this is actually a new food product with multiple uses.  Does anyone have any advice? Thanks- ctw
cathy1237/16/2008 7:53 PM


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    That is a great idea, and I would make it and sell it myself if it were my "only" new product.  I`m juggling about 9 new products in different industries and my goal is to get them out there and licensed (for little tiny percentages).  Besides that, I`m a really bad baker.....
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    I`m not planning to get rich, but I figure my chances of getting a licensing deal are greater if I present different products in different industries. When I come up with new products, I know who to submit to, but this food item has me stumped.  Other than Kraft foods, I don`t know who to look  at.  You`re probably right, maybe this product will have to go on the back burner for awhile....
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