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I’m having trouble finding contract sales reps. Help!

priority1stpriority1st subscriber Posts: 1
I have had an ad out for nearly a month now and I am having trouble finding a contract sales rep. Actually, I would like to hire four of them, if I could get them. I did find one and I`m hoping he works out but he also sells other products related to my industry so his focus isn`t totally on my services.
Everyone always tells me to hire contract sales reps because it is less of a liability for the company but I have trouble finding reps that don`t want a base salary. From experience I have learned that many reps that receive a base salary don`t perform as well. I`m stuck in a catch 22. Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance.
C. Gray


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    SunnyDaysSunnyDays subscriber Posts: 0
    Why not putting a request on one of the WAHM boards ? There are so many Ladie`s at home who would love the opportunity and I guarantee you that some of them give you better results than a so called professional sales person.
    BTW - I would advertise the job with a small base salary and additional commission
    Good luck !
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    SunnyDaysSunnyDays subscriber Posts: 0
    There are several boards out there for woman who are looking for work from home jobs due to the fact that they need or want to saty at home for the kids but still want to work.
    Here is the link to one : http://www.wahm.com/forum/</A>
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