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Working for a business during research?

luv2bcreativeluv2bcreative subscriber Posts: 1
edited June 2008 in Home-Based Businesses

I am looking into starting a custom clothing pattern business. I have followed reccomendations to work in the area you want to build a business in. I am doing it right now. They are a very young company make enough to cover expenses but not much else. I have to say they are truly awesome. They just need help. Is it a good thing to help them build their`s so my  business can flourish? I will be using their product for my final designs.

They are a software company (I can`t say to much out of respect I wouldn`t be where I am now if it weren`t for them). I know there will be legal issues with this I have already looked into it and considered it. They will be like a pattern distrubution company from various designers (of course created with their software). They already have affiliates around the world. They have a great deal of potential and truly are my favorite.
I have learned alot from being a part of this community and would like opinions. I am at a loss. I have never encountered an employer like this.
Any thoughts would be much appreciated.


  • luv2bcreativeluv2bcreative subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi. Thank you for responding.
    Maybe I should have given more background.

    Their product is a pattern drafting software ranging from a basic click and print to professional designing. I started out using their basic software for just personal use and occasionally selling stuff on the side.  I realized their product made what I normally did by hand a breeze and gave me the ability to keep permanent records of designs I created without a bunch of paper patterns laying around.  I was able to cover the expense of the purchase at least. I started getting requests from people I didn`t know thanks to my family and friends. I realized the potential in this and decided it was time to take it up a notch and be more professional. When I inquired about their pro version I found as a sahm I just couldn`t justify the expense. (I did not make that much yet) Then I actually met the "head" of the company at a trade show, he saw my work. I don`t know how it happened but I walked away from that with a full copy of the software I wanted and an agreement to remake the base patterns they already offered (since fashion changes so much, so quickly) and the chance to freelance design for them once that is done.  I suppose my question should have been should I stick with it or pursue my original goal and head out on my own? This company though still in it`s "baby" stage has a great deal of potential for growth but if it ever fails and they shut down.... I hope this helps and hasn`t made it more difficult to understand. At this point I am confused about what to do next. Catherine
  • luv2bcreativeluv2bcreative subscriber Posts: 1
    I had not thought about investing in the company. That is an idea to put more thought into. I`m not certian if he has even considered that possiblity either. I use the software and sew what I`ve created.
    I know he is currently in partnership with his brother and has 5 very dedicated employee`s (not including me, if you can call them that) who stick with it out of love not profit. I honestly think he would rather take care of the programming part and leave the rest to his brother, which he does half the time anyway unless it`s something requiring both of them to put their heads together on. As you can tell I`ve gotten to know them very well.
    You are definitely right about the expense to go out on my own, I had already looked into that too and cringed in the process. It would take me a long time to save that much money to do it and the other software companies that have what I need are shall I say lacking? Especially in customer service.
    The more I consider it the better it sounds. Now to figure out how to approach him.
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