[Quick Poll] From the 3 skills below, which do you struggle with most as an entrepreneur?

JelbaumJelbaum subscriber Posts: 2 Member
1 - Writing Professional Emails
2 - Building an Email Database
3 - Performing Solid Market Research


  • Moved_outta_hereMoved_outta_here subscriber Posts: 11 Bronze Level Member
    I would have to say performing solid market research. Also, I would say this is the first of the three things you need to do because that would determine what kind of emails you're writing, what kind of database you're building and what you're delivering (product or service) overall.
  • JelbaumJelbaum subscriber Posts: 2 Member
    Hi Chris, I agree that market research is important, but regardless of being the first of the three, my question was more directed as to which one of the three is most challenging. Maybe someone is VERY good at market research, but they struggle more with building an email database. That doesn't mean that market research is less important, because it's not. It's far more important INITIALLY than building the email database. But, the question was more in reference to what was more difficult for you and others from the 3 options. Thank you in any case for your response!
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