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How many startups fail? Way less than you think.

Krasimir NinovKrasimir Ninov BulgariaPosts: 2subscriber Member
Given that my business deals with startups it's important for me to know how many startups don't make it.

After all, if most of my clients are destined to fail in several months then it doesn't make sense to work with them, right?!

The first time I searched for startup failure rate I was shocked to see that the number one result on Google claims that "90% of startups fail".

After doing some research, though, I learned that the actual number is way less.

So I just kept going, confident that my clients are there to stay.

Recently, though, I started getting this nagging feeling that I might not be the only one who was initially startled and probably discouraged by the "90%" myth.

So, after consulting with four reports on startup/business failure rate, I compiled a post that aims to dispel once and for all the grim and false myth.

I've also touched upon the two main reasons why startups fail - lack of proper research and not communicating effectively.

You can find the post here -


  • dwk061000dwk061000 Posts: 11subscriber Bronze Level Member
    Hmm, I'd have to disagree - a lot of startups fail but I don't see "failure" as failing. Failure is just a way of learning... 
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  • Krasimir NinovKrasimir Ninov BulgariaPosts: 2subscriber Member
    Yes, a lot of them do. But not as much as 9 out of 10. Besides, "failure" is a stretchy term.
  • Ryan O'BlenessRyan O'Bleness Birmingham, Mich. Posts: 713administrator Site Admin
    edited September 18
    Failure is actually key to future success in a lot of cases. Several of the most well-known entrepreneurs have failed in past venures: Steve Jobs, Tim Ferris, Walt Disney, Bill Gates, George Steinbrenner, Richard Branson, etc. 

    However, I have also always questioned the "90 percent failure" narrative for startups. That just doesn't seem like a plausible scenario, and I am glad you were able to research this and come up with a more realistic answer, though it still seems rather high. 
    Ryan O'Bleness
    Community Moderator
    StartupNation, LLC
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