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HuntSmart - Outstaffing/Outsourcing Company.

My name is Roman, I am founder and CEO of outstaffing company HuntSmart.

With us, client's company may fully focus on the core business and HuntSmart on your clients, and we will take care of the secondary matters.

Accoring to the statistics of our clients, hiring a dedicated team from us is at least 25% cheaper than having an in-house team.

Here are main reasons why outstaffing is needed:
1. Staffing costs oprimization (on the additional office space rent, on the employee wages as you can choose countries with lower rates, on the employment taxes and the corporate income tax, on gyms, insurances and other benefits for employees).
2. You plan to reduce the staff size, but keep all qualified employees. Or you need a reduction of accounting and record management related costs associated with staffing matters. Or your company has limits on the staff size. Whatever, it all leads to a tax optimization!
3. You want to have an instant access to experts, because our employees are constantly learning from each other.

Here is my blog: http://blog.hunt-smart.com/

Nice to meet all of you!
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