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App development firm or freelancer?

JenyJeny subscriber Posts: 1 Member
Hello, everyone. I would like someone to share with me the experiences. I'm planning to launch my mobile application. Which is better, to hire a company or a freelancer? I would like to hear arguments based on real experience. Now I am considering the possibility of cooperation with several companies: http://www.wowlabz.com/ http://www.hiddenbrains.com
https://appus.software and https://fingers.by (while I was guided by cost considerations). It will be great to see your comments about these companies, maybe this will help me make the right choice.


  • Mr. TooheyMr. Toohey subscriber Posts: 7 Member
    Freelancer will always be cheaper and more emotionally connected to your project. Just my 2 cents.
  • LuzmaryLuzmary subscriber Posts: 3 Member
    Hello Jeny, I have personally done freelancing jobs in the past and before getting graduated from the business school I worked at an automotive corporation in my city, and from my point of view this is the question you need to answer to yourself in order to know what's the option that best fits you:

    >What you want to invest the most MONEY or TIME?

    You may be wondering why is this relevant, and I'm going to explain it really quick:

    There are freelancers that are excellent at what they do and are great following plans from start to end without missing deadlines, however, the reality is that most of them may not meet your expectations (as they lack experience). This is why despite Freelancers are a cheaper option (and sometimes they can give you a sensation of understanding your project more in deep), to find the one that could really work toward your plan will be more time-consuming than deciding to work with a company. This is when you start contemplating what is really a priority for you, to save money or to get things done in time.

    The screening/recruiting process cannot be taken as lightly as visiting a website and reading reviews (like what we usually do with big brands and corporations - we look for their reputation-) you will need to EXTENSIVE RESEARCH, schedule Skype interviews and prepare yourself to ask questions such as: have you ever missed a deadline and if so what was the reason? and also technical questions related to your project like: knowing the goal of my project, what recommendations would you give me regarding the UI/UX?

    In addition, you will also have to have an action plan defined before getting into this (not just an idea), because again you're not teaming up with someone that has been in the market for a long time and knows how to work the details.

    In the other hand with a consolidated company you just have no surprises and know what to expect. Therefore, if you have already prioritized your goals at short-term and there's no way you make changes (or at least you don't want to) you may want to invest a little more with a company to get what you're looking for as you want it at the time you want it.
  • Anant_MaxiAnant_Maxi subscriber Posts: 6 Member
    We’re a sterling Mobile App Development Company based at the IT capital of India - Bengaluru, equipped to get your apps working seamlessly across all generations, we have a team of app developers that are proficient in building apps for both iOS & Android devices. With in-depth research and a steep learning curves, we’re always one step ahead of the ever advancing technologies.

    Need an app that works equally great on both the platforms? well, our arsenal of skills flaunts those too. Get the market reach of Android, revenue generation and customer loyalty from iOS. While native applications can boost speed and maximize features, Hybrid apps offer a cost-effective way to provide compatibility across multiple platforms.

  • Nishant SharmaNishant Sharma subscriber Posts: 9 Member

    Offshore development is certainly a better way to get your mobile application developed. By allocating a dedicated team of professionals to your project, you can stay assured about the quality work done.

    Moreover, the offshore development companies you have searched are good. In case you are still looking for any suggestions on the company, let me know. I have a few good names in my mind.

  • SmithJohnesSmithJohnes subscriber Posts: 48 Bronze Level Member

    The key pro of hiring a company is that you will get experts in different technologies in one place. Receiving service from a mobile application development company will benefit you with advanced tools, certificates & licenses, and software which are important in the art of creating simply flexible mobile apps.


    Hiring an entire firm for mobile app development services can be expensive as compared to hiring a freelancer. Obviously, hiring a freelancer is cheaper than hiring a company.

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