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Online Security

jcarterwiljcarterwil subscriber Posts: 1
edited December 2012 in Website Critique
Its getting harder and harder to make sure your life is secure online. So, one of my portfolio companies is exploring solutions to help small business and end users manage their security and privacy on the web, business transactions etc. We are still evolving the approach, but are getting good feedback on how to make it more effective. I would be interested in your thoughts on the site and our approach: http://www.securitybeacon.com


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    gsschultegsschulte subscriber Posts: 0
    The first question is, why are you not SSL protected on a security website?
    I would kill the tag cloud as well. I do not use them because my heat maps show no one clicks on mine. YMMV but I stopped using them long ago.
    Why is your page title in all caps? All caps is 40% harder to read in general so usually not a good idea to use all caps.
    You should also use the truncation feature in wordpress. It will allow you to show more titles before you have to scroll down. It also allows you to track clicks to see what people are interested in content-wise
    Then I click on store. Now I see battery backups, and computer which has nothing in it and amazon all over. I immediately wonder what you are doing with a unrelated store hooked into your site.
    I then click on your check list. I see a lot of common computer use tips and tricks but what does battery backup have to so with the main theme of your site, is it for the amazon store? It looks like you are trying to talk from a windows 7 environment but you do not say that explicitly. You also cover s super wide range of abilities who are you writing for? You have simple things and the you talk about NAT translation, something the average user has no idea about and has no way to find out how to do from your site.
    You have a ton of content but no categories. Make it easy for me to find the content I want and I will come back.
    Your links page has mention of finding vmware in your store but I am taken to another site and not given the opportunity to buy from you. This is also to be said about your security list. If you promote a rfid scanner sleeve and you have a amazon affiliate store point me to it in a new window.
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