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www.mymediadj.comI am going to start marketing very soon and would like a critique of the content on my website.  I wrote it myself and helped design it with my partner.  I know the look needs improvement but right now I am focused on the content. Here are the questions that concern me most?1. Are there too many words on the main page?  Is the viewer immediately turned off by that?2.  Am I getting my point across about what the product does?3.  I am going to add 3 feeds that the user can use for free as a trial product, where should they go?  Which page?  What position?4.  Is the MP3 player too distracting?In addition, if you think there is anything else i should know, please tell me.Thanks for your time and effort.


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    1 - yes get me right to the product or service please. I only want to see an overview of what this site has.
    2 - a little confusing I might suggest doing some type of graphical interface like our vendor flow service. a simply step process to get the stations you like, etc.
    3 - On the home page up front and easy to find. and then again on the product page.
    4 - no to me, just make sure it doesnt play instantly the user should activate it.
    It seems like there should be some type of playlist or something. I want to see all the channels and listen to them on your site. I only see 9 channels and no demo service. Where`s the list of content I can pick from?
    One thing this seems to lack on the homepage is a strong call to action for the user to sign up. I would also suggest you offer a free 30 day trial get them hooked on a great service.
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    Thanks.  This is very helpful.  Does anybody have favorite websites that I should learn from?  Copying someone`s style and then adjusting it is so much easier, but I just haven`t found a website that I really love their presentation and it would be a good fit to mimic.Also, the first thing I am going to do is add the free trial.Thanks,
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    The idea about explaining the product in the MP3 player is great!  I hadn`t thought of that.  Very helpful feedback.
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