Critique Me Please

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Please critique my site.
Thanks so much!


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    Visually it`s OK .... I like the colors, although the dark text within the colors doesn`t stand out too well. I think you could utilize the top of the page better .... you have a large blank area at the top right, and open space in the sponsors area .... I would combine both into the top without getting it too cluttered .... this would fill it in niclely and get your products a little higher on the page.
    On the main page, the right sidebar makes it crowded .... maybe move this to the left under the menu so it isn`t so cramped, and this would also extend the menu with the very tall page you have.
    Getting into the categories, it looks like an auction, which isn`t mentioned on the main page, so you might want to make that aspect more prominent upfront .....  again, dark text/dark background isn`t helpful ....
    If possible, create unique page titles for every page with unique descriptions, add alt tags to the product images, and get some h1/h2 tags in there for SEO help. A sitemap would help for visitors and search engines. URL rewriting would also be beneficial.
    Note * Didn`t mean to copy ideas4 thoughts, we posted at the same time.Webline2/24/2009 5:04 PM
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    P`shaw ..... t`warnt nothing ... I`m just an old grump ....
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    I`ll bet that I am the oldest grump here!
    Sharon - I like the concept and the colors, and I understand your "featured artists" on the right side.  I am just guessing that this is where artists who pay will find themselves here once in a while?
    I also understand that you really can`t control the photos uploaded by the artists.
    Your About page shouldn`t be so hidden.  And, I really don`t like the all-centered text.  (That may be just me). 
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