How to Build a Strong Safety Net as a Solopreneur

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imageHow to Build a Strong Safety Net as a Solopreneur

Running your own business is invigorating. However, being a solopreneur also means you must have a certain degree of comfort with the unknown.

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  • Miguel HammondMiguel Hammond subscriber Posts: 53 Bronze Level Member
    I really like this article . It can help one understand how to make your business grow strong and smoothly.
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    I'm glad you enjoyed the article, @Miguel Hammond! Life as a solopreneuer can be tricky, so it's very important to protect yourself by taking precautions such as these. 
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  • McCandlessMcCandless subscriber Posts: 52 Bronze Level Member

    Unlike the other answers, here. I’m going to teach you a simple lesson about business.

    Don’t ask “how can I make $XYZ”, instead ask “How can I create $XYZ worth of value to my customers.”

    Look at Google, Intuit, Yahoo, Microsoft, or any other business... Sure the purpose of a business is to make money, but these companies didn’t become successful because the companies owners made tons of money.

    Money, or rather compensation for work, is the end result of a business. If you try extracting money from customer without providing value, you’ll go out of business. You won’t make it to $1,000,000. Let alone a multiple of that number.

    Solve a problem the customer has (or doesn’t know she/he has). That is the inside secret to a successful company.

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