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What would you do with your money?

markblakemarkblake subscriber Posts: 2 Member
If you had about $300,000 to spend, what in your opinion would be the best possible way (and place) to spend it today (2017-). I know there's no one right answer, but it helps to hear experienced investors' opinions as to what they personally would do now if they were beginning again in their career. We are in our young to mid 50s, so don't have a lifetime of time. We are considering the gamut, including storage rentals, etc. We are also open to going out of our area. We would really appreciate your experienced insights. We would expect to use a combination of cash and financing at some point.

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    Gregory101Gregory101 subscriber Posts: 51 Bronze Level Member
    That's a pretty good sum of money; you're reaching the point where other factors start to matter (your income and taxes, your marital situation and any children you might have, your plans for retirement, etc.).  But at least as a baseline to compare other suggestions against, I'd offer this: Take your birth-year and add 60. Go to vanguard(dot)com and invest it all in the Vanguard Target Retirement fund that's closest to the year you calculated.  If you wish, you can put some it in a Roth IRA (up to $5500 per year) or some other tax-advantaged account, particularly if you get an employer match for your contribution.  That investment will be aggressive when you're young and more conservative as you age, which is exactly what you want to do with a long-term investment -- and it'll happen automatically, without you having to keep track of it.  Enjoy your profits!
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    maryhaugenmaryhaugen subscriber Posts: 2 Member
    Binary Option! You can invest to that
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    Tom AdamsTom Adams subscriber Posts: 70 Bronze Level Member
    invest in the most promising companies
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    Helen LarsenHelen Larsen subscriber Posts: 58 Bronze Level Member
    You described a very desirable situation for many people ;)
    I think you can divide them into the several sources, that can bring you a good profit:
    1. Find a startup that is connected with your professional field, so you are able to understand all details and its potential. 
    2. Invest your money. You can do it without a financial consultant. There are so many different apps and websites, that will earn money for you. And of course you can also choose an enterprise from your professional field, that you think will grow in the future.
    Good luck!
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    CurtisMLeeCurtisMLee subscriber Posts: 34 Bronze Level Member
    Сonsider talking to a financial advisor who will ask you clarifying questions about your goals and objectives and put together an investment plan for you.

    A word of caution: if you seek professional advice and walk in and ask a question like “what should I do with my money” it’s like walking into the pharmacy and asking “Hey, what kind of medicine should I buy?” What good does a cough suppressant do you when you have a splitting headache?

    If someone offers you advice without learning about you, be cautious. They may be suggesting cough syrup because that's all they have to sell, not because that is what you need.
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