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should I start a junk removal business in my town, there is none that I have found in the three surrounding towns ( fairly small). Keyword planner gave me 10-100 searches a month for junk removal keyword. There is some competition ( dumpster rentals, regular trash pick up etc...). My main concern is that there may not be enough business to support my my bills and cost of business. Any tips or advice would be appreciated. 


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    I'm always of the thinking that if you have a well-thought-out business idea, you've done your research and you're willing to work as hard as possible to turn your dream into a reality, then yes, go for it! 

    That is a rather low search frequency for the term, but since your town and the neighboring towns don't have such a service, it could fill a need in the area. You'll need to do your research on this, though -- surveys, interviews, etc. Once you have the business up and running, market the hell out of it to draw buzz. People are often going to have things they want to get rid of. 

    Hope this helps. Good luck! 
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    Well, what are the costs of business? Have you done a spot check and asked your friends/family in these target markets if they would utilize it? Are your prices competitive? Some more detail would really help evaluation of whether or not this is a good venture. Thanks :)
  • morris123morris123 Posts: 4subscriber Member
    I would charge by volume.  Not sure exactly the price per volume yet. As far as competitive price, there doesn't seem like there is anyone doing this. I did talk with a small trash company who says he and a few other companies do take these kind of jobs from time to time but would rather not get into it. ( mainly from curb side pick up companies that doesn't want to waste time at one location). The only cost of business seems to be fuel, truck maintenance , insurance and charges from the dump which charges by volume as well. 
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    @morris123 Got it. Well, it seems like you've done all the things you need to do from an 'Is it possible' perspective. Now, you need to figure out if people would want the service. I know this will take a couple hours, but I suggest you build a custom website where people can sign up to get junk removed, take a few hundred dollars and market the site using Google Adwords, and see how many people you get. From there you'd be able to tell if it's worth going down that path.
  • morris123morris123 Posts: 4subscriber Member
    This is a great idea. Just so I understand correctly though, are you referring to setting up a fictional company to see how many people want the business. And should a use a number to see how many phone calls I would get?
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    What do you plat to do with the junk that you removed? Recycle?
  • morris123morris123 Posts: 4subscriber Member
    I would separate each materials ( plastic , paper,metal etc...). I will also compress and bale the trash to reduce volume to pay less at the waste dump. 
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    A garbage evacuation business can get critical salary under the correct administration. Its best piece is that you require just an insignificant venture of time and cash to begin such a business. 
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