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Requesting advice on hiring (logo) designers for Outsourcing Agency

RudolfRednoseRudolfRednose subscriber Posts: 2 Member
Hi there fellow startups,

I am starting a business as an
outsourcing agency. Could I hire
designers and place their logo's/work
on my company portfolio? What kind
of contract would I need to agree
on with this designer?
Would it be a good idea to use Fiverr
for this?

Do any of you have experience with
running an outsourcing agency like
this? What would you recommend?

I want to handle this in a professional
way where everybody is happy.

Thanks in advance for your wisdom!

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    Moved_outta_hereMoved_outta_here subscriber Posts: 11 Bronze Level Member
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    A simple email requesting to place their portfolio for promotional purposes on your website should do. More than likely, they will be pleased that you are advertising their services and offer you their best examples to post. Save the email communications in case you need to refer to the agreement at a later date.
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    Levi Leyba, MBALevi Leyba, MBA subscriber Posts: 26 Bronze Level Member
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    I agree with @Chris Nierhaus to simply ask them first.  If you wanted to make it more formal than an email, have them complete a "Permission to use Artwork" letter that I'm sure you can Google to find a sample template.


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    RudolfRednoseRudolfRednose subscriber Posts: 2 Member
    Thanks for the comments guys!

    I will communicate with the designers that their work will be placed inside the porfolio for promotional purposes.
    @ Levi:

    I have found one of these "Permission to use Artwork" letters and will send them if i want to go for a more formal approach.

    Thank you for the wisdom!

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