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Idea Protection?

UltimateRev22UltimateRev22 subscriber Posts: 3
edited September 2008 in Protecting Your Ideas
Hey Guys!
I have an idea, but not sure how exactly to protect it. I`ve read information on the posts in these forums and I have a few questions. I`m in the initial stages of starting up my company. If you could help me I would appreciate it.
I know that there are pretty 3 ways to protect my idea. They are NDA`s, Provisional Patent Applications, and the Disclosure-Document Program. My question is how much protection do these provide for a new idea? Also, I know there are time restrictions regarding the PPA`s and NDA`s. What happens after 12months/or 1 year after you have filed a PPA or a Disclosure-Document program? Would others be able to use your idea after the expiration date?
Thanks guy. This site has been helping me out so much.


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