Is Driving for Uber or Lyft a good side hustle gig?

Obie16Obie16 Michigan Posts: 23subscriber Bronze Level Member
I'm looking to make some extra money on the side. Lyft and Uber always come to mind when I think of the share economy and/or side hustles. 

But has anybody on here driven for either company? Do you make decent money? Do these companies treat their employees well? Are the customers often hard to deal with? 

Please let me know! 

I always just saw an article that Uber is going to soon have in-app tripping, which Lyft already does. 

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  • damponting44damponting44 PunePosts: 34subscriber Bronze Level Member
    There are other reasons than just dollars and cents that people prefer Uber or Lyft to other modes of transportation. Some people say cab companies – one in particular – can be hours late or otherwise unreliable.
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