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Seeking Mentor/Angel Investor, Also Quick Question

UltimateRev22UltimateRev22 subscriber Posts: 3
edited September 2008 in Startup Funding
Hey guys!! I`m 22 years old and currently in the process of starting my own electronics company. I have my business plan laid out and have done extensive research towards my idea. One question I do have is how much money do angel investors expect an entrepreneur to contribute towards there Start-Up company? So being that I`m 22 and not having much money I think you would agree that this is an important question to ask. Thank ya much!!


  • paulsinghpaulsingh subscriber Posts: 0
    Depending on what exactly your electronics company will be doing, I`d add that you should do everything in your power to create a prototype of your product/service and start selling it immediately.
    Too many young entrepreneurs get stuck at the planning stage and never have anything to show to interested investors in the first place. With that being said, if you can sell your product/service to at least one stranger, you`ve got a business -- get started today.
  • jonemike01jonemike01 subscriber Posts: 0
    Hey jerome,
    You can find angel investors for your business on this amazing online network of investors and entrepreneurs.
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